Unusual Honeymoon Destinations - Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

As you plan your wedding you’ll usually be planning your honeymoon, too. You and your spouse-to-be may already know where you want to go and what you want to do when there, but if you haven’t decided on a location yet, you may want to consider a more unusual location instead of some of the more typical destinations. Here are a few under-appreciated honeymoon destinations that you both might enjoy.


If you’re looking for something more than a standard honeymoon, consider celebrating your new life as a couple in Vietnam. This is an exotic location full of culture and fascinating sites. Its sandy beaches and nice weather has made the country a more popular honeymoon choice as of late.
While there you can explore the ancient cities, hike through the jungles, and dive down to the coral reefs. There are luxury villas as well as swanky hotels where you can stay after a fun day.


For those of you who are looking for a special honeymoon destination and that like being away from the crowds, consider a Tanzanian honeymoon. Here, you’ll find no luxury hotels or tourists, but you will find accommodations to make you both feel special. You can hire a private car and guide to take you on a safari, dine under the stars, and sleep in one of the private lodges that are popular for travellers.
You’ll enjoy beautiful scenery dotted with wildlife that appropriately represents the African spirit. The most popular travel time for Tanzania is between June and October since the weather is dry and hot, but if you want to catch the Great Migration consider travelling between May and July or from November to March.


If you’re considering travelling State-side, Alaska proves to be a great honeymoon destination especially for more adventurous couples. Here, you can go camping, rafting, and hiking and enjoy scenic glaciers, mountains, and native wildlife. The weather isn’t as cold in the summer months and you can avoid the crowds by travelling around mid-August.


Norway, Finland, and Sweden can all be the perfect honeymoon destination for those who are looking for something other than the typical tropical locations. You can consider a trip to all three countries or choose your favourite and spend all of your time there.

Each location has beautiful scenery and offers a unique experience thanks to the soaring mountains and floating glaciers. The destinations are great for outdoorsy couples who enjoy natural wonders like the Northern Lights. There are also recreational activities like skiing, canoeing, and other outdoor sporting activities that you can take part in. The big cities also offer fun nightlife and accommodating lodging. Finally, each destination has a celebrated culture that you can explore through the local population and the many museums and heritage sites.

If you and your significant other are looking for something other than a typical hotel you can stay in a water bungalow or an igloo hotel with ice beds and fur bedding. There are also full cottages available for rent.

Any of these destinations can offer you a unique and memorable honeymoon far from the typical Caribbean or European getaway. Sift through these ideas or come up with other unusual destinations and start planning your trip, today.