The Biggest Wedding Trends for 20151 - The Biggest Wedding Trends in Sussex for 2015

If you’re beginning to plan your 2015 wedding, you’re probably sifting through bridal magazines and websites to help you get ideas for things like, flower arrangements, entertainment options, and, of course, the wedding dress. While every bride and groom have their own styles and taste that will dictate their wedding plans, it doesn’t hurt to look to the current trends for some inspiration.

Themes and Colours

Last year, the popular colour was orchid and brides used the ranging hues to create their colour schemes. For the 2015 bridal season, muted tones seem to be taking centre stage. Nature and floral are along with tropical landscapes inspire warm-toned weddings while colours like aquamarine and Lucite greens are being used for cool colour spectrums. Stick to colour schemes that reflect your personality, but consider incorporating some muted tones that are on trend.

In terms of themes, it seems like weddings are moving away from the rustic motifs and Gatsby-inspired trends of 2014 and going to more modern and romantic themes with classic elegance stepping into the forefront of themes. To follow this beautiful trend consider featuring formal centrepieces, soft lighting, and ornate decorations into your wedding.

Wedding Dresses

This is always an important decision for the bride-to-be. There are a number of different styles and looks that you can choose from that will fit your personal taste and body shape. If you love staying on trend in terms of fashion, look to these top 2015 styles.

Ball gowns made of light material are popular this year since they offer that princess-feel without the heavy material. Off-the-shoulder dresses are also on trend for 2015. You can find variations with a single shoulder drape or draped sleeves. This look creates a romantic feel that is flattering to most body types. It can also be found with various silhouettes, so you can take advantage of the trend while still keeping to your specific dress style. Sheer gowns that were popular in 2014 are balanced with a more sophisticated feel through wedding dresses that feature sheer details like lace overlays.

In terms of dress colours, designers seem to be delving deeper into colour. In 2014, the colour trend for wedding dresses (besides the traditional white) was light pink. This year is showing more shades of blue than pink along with neutral metallic colours, and muted pastels.

Bouquets and Flowers

When it comes to the flowers, it seems that all of the usual popular choices are still on trend. Timeless classic choices like roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas are still being shown in bouquets and floral arrangements for the 2015 wedding season. However, green foliage and wildflowers are being added to the classics to create new looks. Even greens like herbs and ferns are being added to bouquets for a fresh garden feel.

Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, floral backdrops are also on trend. This is a rather expensive option since it will entail you filling a wall with flowers, but you can downsize this by decorating a smaller area or using fake flowers instead.

These trends are meant to inspire and complement your own ideas. Feel free to pick and choose what works for you in order to create the perfect wedding that fits your personal style and lives up to your dreams.