Blog6 - 5 things to remember on your wedding day

The wedding season is only round the corner. Soon our marquee team will be out building marquees left right and centre, our chefs will be in the kitchen making hundreds of desserts and we will be in the office talking to you about wedding favours, up lighters, marquee equipment and loads more I am sure.

To try and help you plan your big day we have listed 5 top tips to remember on your wedding day. We know from experience that brides & grooms often forget the most simplest of things because there is just too much to remember.

Once you have got these points sorted, all you need to do is leave the rest to us. The venue, the marquee, the catering and all the additional extras you ordered are all in hand and under control, we promise.

  1. All legal documents
    we know that wedding planning involves decorations, venues, bridal gowns and all things pretty but don’t forget that without all of your legal documents you can’t get married, organise yourselves before the big day and have all the important bits together.
  2. Wedding favours
    some couples opt out of getting wedding favours for their guests but if you are hoping to give them a little something to remember the day, make sure they are on the tables in the morning so that when they arrive at your beautiful marquee it is sitting right in front of them.
  3. Pens for your guest book
    Although this sounds simple, don’t forget to lay some pens out so that your friends and family can write in your guest book. If they haven’t got a pen they can’t write something nice about the happy couple.
  4. The rings
    Make sure that you give those all-important rings to someone you can fully trust who won’t lose them or forget them – that would be a disaster!
  5. Pack a night bag
    Wherever you might be staying make sure you pack a bag for afterwards. It is so easy to remember everything for your wedding day that the day after will slip your mind.