Our History

Super Event was first established by our managing director Tony Brewin. The company began as a specialist catering company and slowly grew into what it is today—a complete party planning organisation that handles everything from the marquee to the food and the drinks.

“The truth is, after coming across an endless list of problems due to far too many contractors being involved in one event (marquee contractor, caterer, bar people, etc), all blaming each other for the slightest problem, I felt the way forward for all involved was to provide a complete in-house event solution. I then expanded Super Event into the marquee industry, enabling us to have total control over the success of each event. And trust me, it works!”

“Super Event now employs the most qualified staff and enjoys a combined wealth of experience to include all aspects of the hospitality industry. I am proud of our journey and our team”

Everyone involved with Super Event, from Mr. Brewin himself down to the wait staff, take pride in what they do and truly enjoy their work. We put our full effort into all of our clients’ events in order to provide them with the best possible event from beginning to end.

Our History Super Event
Our History 2

I am proud of our journey and our team

Our head chefs, commis chefs, and food supervisors are all trained in their field in order to produce the delicious, five-star quality food that are served to our clients and their guests. Their training allows them to pick the finest ingredients, create innovative flavour combinations and profiles, and to put together gourmet meals that are fit for royalty.

Our marquee hire staff understand what it takes to furnish an event from top to bottom, whether it is an empty loft or castle, or an outdoor venue like a garden or beach. While our clients will always know what they want in their marquee, our experts will know what is technically necessary. For example, a client may know that they want purple trim to go with their ivory linens, but while they’re mulling over fabric and colours our experts are taking notes from the clients while also logistically planning where to put the electrical equipment and how to fit all of the necessary tables and chairs into the given space.

Super Event’s professionalism also extends to our wait staff. We train our staff to act in a professional manner at all times. We also teach them the proper ways to serve food and drinks to the guests during an event. All staff members are always dressed appropriately in uniform and present themselves in a neat manner to best represent our company and our high quality standards.

We could talk about ourselves until we’re blue in the face but the only way to understand what we do and how we do it is to call us and speak to a representative. Another option is to browse our customer reviews on Yelp and see what our past clients have to say about our service.