Event Marquee Hire West Sussex

A shed is made of walls and beams, our marquees are built with love and dreams

For us, here at Super Events, the most important thing is to offer customers a wide range of different options when it comes to hosting their special events. This is particularly important to us when it comes to selecting a marquee; getting this important aspect right can make or break even the greatest of parties, which is why you want to choose professionalism wherever you can.

With that in mind, for all West Sussex marquee hires, your best bet is Super Event – our staff of dedicated, experienced and professional event organisers will guarantee you a remarkable night, in a remarkable venue.

How Can We Help With a Wider Range Of Events?

Choosing a marquee for your event is a sure-fire sign that you want it to be an extraordinary celebration – it wouldn’t be worth the time, money or effort of organising the correct marquee otherwise.

This is why we try to offer our highly popular services for all manner of different events, throughout West Sussex and beyond, such as:


“Plan your perfect event with us, we have a full range of marquees to suit every occasion”


How Can We Help With Weddings?

Top of most events organisers’ lists are wedding ceremonies, and ours is no different. Throughout the West Sussex area, marquee hire for weddings has been on a noticeable increase, as new couples look for something a little more exciting for their big days.When you choose Super Event for you wedding marquee, not only will you get a high quality and affordable venue, but you’ll be treated to our wedding service which makes sure that every detail of the day is to your bespoke tastes and preferences. This means that you don’t need to worry about something going wrong, or not being quite right – we have it all covered!

How Can We Help With Corporate Events?

As time goes on, more and more West Sussex companies hire marquees for their corporate events and staff getaways. Small gestures like this are helping to edit the landscape of the business world and step away from the formality and sterility of years gone by.Most businesses who hire our marquees for corporate events do so for corporate events of all kind, as well as team building retreats. However, some companies like to make their corporate meetings a bit more interesting by hosting them in some of our corporate marquees, as well as other events such as product launches and meet and greets. Super Event West Sussex has all your corporate bases covered.

How Can We Help With Exhibitions And Similar Events?

Again, something that might seem slightly at odds with the idea of a marquee is trade shows and exhibitions. Yet, we’ve seen a rise in the number of West Sussex companies hiring marquees for such situations – again, this creates a bit more interest around the event itself, and can be as casual or formal as you wish!Additionally, our exhibition marquees have been used for local community events and other, more bespoke uses such as art gallery displays and gardening events. The only limit is your imagination.

How Can We Help With Private Parties?

Naturally, the bedrock of any successful events company is through a combination of weddings and private bookings. A good marquee can turn your party into something above and beyond what your guests may be expecting; as well as making the celebration that much more personal with our communicative organisation teams.Hire our marquees for all manner of West Sussex private events, from birthday parties, to Christenings, Christmas parties to anniversaries; no event is too small or too big.


Establishing The Event Is Only Half The Job

As part of the renowned commitment to quality and professionalism, here at Super Event we recognise that organising the marquee and the event is only half the battle. With this in mind, we offer our West Sussex marquee users the following additional services:

How Can We Help With Fully Bespoke Marquee Design?

As has been said, the only limit to your big blow-out should be your own ambition, which is why we strive to offer our customers complete control and involvement over what goes into their chosen marquee. This goes for the type of event/celebration, too.When you get in touch with us, to organise the shindig, we’ll begin the process of talking through and ironing out the individual details such as floorplans, furniture and seating arrangements, the size of your marquee and the interior decoration  – every square inch of your venue will be stamped with your personality.

How Can We Help With Your Choice Of Themes?

There’s no obligation on your part. As a customer, you can be as involved as you want to be; which might mean you’d prefer to choose from some of our ready-to-go themes and decorations for your party.There is a wide selection of different themes and atmospheres available to choose from, but some of our most popular are the James Bond night, which brings a touch of that 007 class to proceedings, as well as some more fun-filled involved themes such as our horror-soaked Halloween décor.  Get in touch to find out even more!


What Are Our Facilities And Extras?

We believe that choosing a marquee for your West Sussex event shouldn’t mean you have to miss-out on any regular comforts or amenities. This is why we offer a selection of additional extras and bonuses for our customers. This can be anything from toilets and changing rooms (vital for a brilliant wedding), to simple measures like adding an extra room on to your marquee for a bit of peace and quiet away from the main event.Choosing a Super Event marquee for your West Sussex based celebration isn’t just a choice of venue; it’s a whole little world unto itself.

Can We Help Pick The Right Marquee For You?

When picking out the ideal marquee for your event, you’ll have a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs to choose from – make sure to inform us, thoroughly, of the number of guests and the kind of space that you’ll need for the day’s activities.

Once you’ve got those details ironed out, it’s back to the fun stuff like choosing your type of flooring (hardwood, dancefloor, carpeted etc.) and your ideal lighting setups; this can be from anything as fancy and impressive as chandelier lighting, to simple up lighters, lamps or intimate candle-lit setups. It’s all down to your personal preference!
When it comes to interiors, Super Event has you covered – literally! With our choice of linens, tableware and furniture, you’ll never have to worry about the insides of your ideal marquee. The biggest worry you’ll have is turning up on time!

Why Pick West Sussex For Your Event?

West Sussex is a popular choose for Wedding Marquee Hire because of its beautify areas ( Chichester, Horsham, Crawley, Arun to name some popular areas), and provides many options for days out, some of our favorites are; Bramber CastlePetworth HouseStansted Park and Goodwood House.

Get in touch today for answers to any further inquiries or additional details, or to get your planning started on that special day!