Wedding Marquee Hire West Sussex

A shed is made of walls and beams, our marquees are built with love and dreams

What Sets Us Apart From Others Marquee Hires In West Sussex?

If you are looking for a luxurious, 5-star wedding marquee service in West Sussex, you are most definitely in the right place.

If you are seeking something beyond the ordinary—something that will add glamour and elegance to your happy occasion—we can’t wait to talk to you today, because here at Super Event, we are about making your dreams become a reality.

When it comes to wedding marquees, this is what we believe:

A shed is made of walls and beams; our marquees are built with love and dreams.

A marquee is not just a marquee to us; it’s the framework for your experience; it reflects your style; it’s the backdrop of the most important day of your life and we know that it’s the tiniest details that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Here at Super Event, no two marquees are the same; everyingle one is bespoke and built out of your dreams.

Following our consultation with you, we promise is that the wedding marquee we build for you will reflect you, your style, your theme and nothing else, because your big day is all about you. We will transform your vision and style into a beautiful spectacle that will make your guests stand up and take notice, providing you and they with an experience that you and they will always remember.

It’s a big promise, we know. We’ve made the same promise to hundreds of couples in West Sussex and fulfilled it. We’ve built our reputation on it; we stake our reputation on it.

It’s not about if we will deliver on the promise, it is about how soon you want us to deliver. Today? Then give us a call and let us get started!

How Many People Can a Marquee For a Wedding?

The flexibility of our wedding marquees allows you to invite as many guests as you would like. All you need is an open space that can accommodate them.

Generally, finding an affordable hotel that can take more than 300 guests in West Sussex can be difficult and even the most luxurious and spacious of venues have their limits. However, with a wedding marquee built by Super Event you include as many guests as you wish without sacrificing luxury or comfort. We will construct a marquee for you that is the perfect size to accommodate your chosen number of guests.


What Is The Minimum Amount Of People For Marquee in West Sussex?

A wedding marquee is also perfect when you want a small, intimate affair. We have small marquees or gazebos that are artfully crafted to provide an ambience of exclusivity. When combined with our creative lighting solutions, a wedding marquee exudes a strong air of romance.

How We Can Help Make a Marquee Suit Your Style?

A marquee is a blank canvas, which means it can be designed to suit you exactly how you want it! Nowadays, there are many styles of marquee design for you to choose from, such as rustic, vintage, natural and classic, to name some of the most popular and. Whatever style you choose can be further designed to provide the exact style you are looking for. In other words, you can customise a marquee to suit you in a way that is unique. The options are amazing and limited only by your imagination and creativity.

How Marquee Hire In West Sussex Can Fit Into Your Wedding?

Our wedding marquee is for you and you alone. It goes up for your day and, once the party is over, it is dismantled. A marquee’s sole purpose of existence is to serve you on your special day.

“It is not just a wedding we are planning for,
it is YOUR wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does to you..”


Where And How Long Can You Use Our Wedding Marquee?

Couples who prefer to party all night often choose a wedding marquee. We can easily set up a marquee in your garden if you have the space, allowing you to party all night if your neighbours are in agreement. It’s convenient and saves cost without the need to sacrifice class, elegance and style.

What Challenges In Hiring a Wedding Marquee in West Sussex?

If not properly planned and managed, a wedding marquee can cause more problems than it’s worth. It’s often the tiniest details that are overlooked and go on to cause the most problems

On your special day, you certainly don’t want the headaches that come with a wedding marquee that is poorly designed or not properly positioned and is therefore interfering with the smooth operation of the other important components necessary to make your day as you dreamt it. Some of the common challenges include:

  • Selecting a marquee that will blend with the environment and match your style effortlessly
  • Positioning the marquee in a way that allows easy access to electricity and heating as well as allowing the catering service to function optimally
  • Choosing the right marquee that can accommodate the desired number of guests comfortably
  • Negotiating the wedding marquee maze skilfully
  • Making arrangements for the right number of mobile toilets that will serve the intended number of guests
  • And lots more besides

At Super Event, our expertise and experience will ensure that every predictable problem will be addressed at the planning stage and therefore avoided.

Why Choose Super Event For Your Wedding Marquee Hire?

Over the years, we have developed a reputation as the finest in West Sussex when it comes to luxury marquee services. We are not just another marquee company; we work with you to create the wedding that will fit your dream; we believe in the beauty of dreams and our goal is to make your special day a tale of elegance and glamour.

How Can Our Experience Improve Your Special Day?

We have been the marquee hire service of first choice in West Sussex for decades and have helped hundreds of couples to plan their day to perfection. Our experience and expertise allows us to  design your marquee effectively and manage it efficiently on your big day.

Super Event is the smart choice for couples who simply want to relax and enjoy their special day. This is because we are proactive and thorough in ensuring that no predictable problems arise. We are focussed on details and our experience guides our hands: we make absolutely certain that everything runs smoothly on your special day, without any foreseeable, avoidable issues. Where unforeseen problems do arise, we are expert in providing creative solutions to ensure that your day continues with as little inconvenience as possible.


How Customisable Are Wedding Marquees?

We are proud to have helped hundreds of couples in West Sussex to create and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

We are proud to have helped couples to create ravishing marquee interiors that have left their guests astounded and impressed.

We are proud of the smiles we have brought to couples’ faces when they have entered their finished wedding marquee for the first time and seen their dream become a reality.

We are proud of the delight our clients have felt when their guests have been so complimentary of their exquisite style.

We can’t wait to add a spark to your day with an elegantly designed marquee.

What Is Included In The Price For Marquee Hire In West Sussex?

We are professionals and we take great care in all we do. For decades we have operated smoothly without incident. However, we also have insurance in place and for the duration of our service to you, you are fully insured.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have nothing to worry about.


How Our Staff Could Improve Your Wedding?

Our friendly staff members are well trained and are all  employed directly by us.

They are professionals who will treat you and your guests like royalty. The reason we have consistently remained the best in West Sussex is that we have diligently employed the most talented and passionate staff.

How Marquee Hire In West Sussex Can Change Your Wedding?

Super Event is dedicated to assisting you in making your dreams come true. A Super Event wedding marquee is like a blank canvass and we help couples paint their love story beautifully within it.

We have dedicated our lives to helping couples to create a vision of unending love and bliss. We design fairy tale weddings that everyone in West Sussex will rave about, long after the marquee has been dismantled.

Why Pick West Sussex For Your Wedding?

West Sussex is a popular choose for Wedding Marquee Hire because of its beautify areas ( Chichester, Horsham, Crawley, Arun to name some popular areas), and provides many options for days out, some of our favorites are; Bramber CastlePetworth HouseStansted Park and Goodwood House. Call us today! We are waiting to work with you to unleash your vision of the magic and beauty of love within your wedding marquee. With you, we can create an atmosphere of romance, which tells your love story.

Call us today and let us begin your marquee adventure with you.