marquee blog 4 - Your Wedding Marquee

At Super Event, our marquee team have been busy maintaining all of our equipment ready for your wedding this summer. Our boys have been spray painting chairs, polishing garden sets and painting doors. We try and do everything we can to make your marquee special and your wedding day perfect. Please watch this short video below to see our marquee team in action:

* Please note that these garden sets are exclusive to our venues; Slaugham and Brewerstreet Farmhouse.


  1. Sophie says:

    Love this – such a wonderful idea for a lovely wedding

  2. Good to see such attention to the finer details. As a wedding cake supplier it never ceases to amaze me the scruffiness of some venues. We have been asked to set up wedding cakes on tables with stained tablecloths etc. Bearing in mind the amount the happy couple are paying for some of the venues it should be taken for granted that the place would be clean and well maintained. So well done Super Event for making sure your stuff is top notch!

  3. Toby Green says:

    Attention to detail is key to any great supplier and this speaks for itself!

  4. Great job , looking good!

  5. Paul King says:

    We have had a few people try to cut corners in the past and some pretty grubby tents have taken days to go up and then one supplier refused to lay the carpeting they had agreed.

    It’s not until we saw a Super Event Marquee that we realised that one for 400 Guests can go up in a day, it can be perfect and the couples have time to engage before the big day to help dress them if they want.
    Rob and the team at SuperEvent are an amazing team – we will only ever use them at in Rye
    We’ve tried the rest and we stick with the best

  6. Roslyn says:

    Superb now look at mine please