blog21 - Top 5 Wedding Tips For A Summer Marquee Wedding In Sussex

When it comes to marquee weddings, we are truly one of the best companies to work with. We know what works & what doesn’t and are aware of the things you might forget. If you are hoping to have a marquee wedding this summer, then please read our top tips to make sure the planning process for you is as simple as possible. Unlike other marquee contractors, we offer you a complete package of catering, drinks, staff & venue choices as well as the marquee, so all you have to do is choose what’s right for you and let us do the hard bits!

1. Choosing a venue

When choosing a venue for a marquee wedding, you have to think about much more than just a pretty setting. You need to make sure there is easy access for all of your contractors to get in and make sure your guests will be able to find it. If it is a tricky venue, you may want to leave balloons and ribbon along the main road close by so that they can follow it. We offer a range of different venues across the South East and all of which are beautiful and easily accessible to everyone. If you would like to explore our venues choices, follow this link:
You may also be lucky enough to be able to have your wedding in your back garden. We LOVE doing weddings at home, the atmosphere is always relaxed and you have so much time to prepare the marquee once it has been erected, making things easier for you and us. The smallest marquee we offer is a 60ft x 30ft marquee, if you think your garden can fit a marquee in it then we will always be happy to visit and talk to you about your ideas.

2. Parking

You have chosen your perfect venue, whether it is at home or in a beautiful wooded area, you need to think about parking. Is there a nearby field you can use for the evening so that your guests can park here? Do you have a neighbour with a big area for parked cars? You need to make sure the venue has some sort of parking for yours guests. And if it is very limited, organise coaches to ferry everyone around, its a fun way to get round a parking problem. If you are having your marquee wedding with us, we will need to visit the site and make sure we have enough room to park our vans and fridges etc… these are usually out of the way, behind the scenes so you wont need to worry about us.

3. Do you need toilets & a generator?

Most likely, when having your wedding in a field or area that doesn’t have access to power, you will need to hire a generator. You don’t need to worry, because we will provide this for you and give you advice if you need one or not! Another issue that many brides & grooms don’t realise is toilet access. If your venue is secluded, then you may need to think about hiring our luxury toilets. We like to give our clients toilets that are modern, nice & clean. We don’t want you to use a standard porta-loo at your wedding, so we can provide toilets that are just as nice as your bathroom at home. Please feel free to leave products in there for your guests, we will make sure they are kept clean and tidy.

4. Decorating & Design

Once you have thought about all of these factors and made sure you are prepared for them all, you can start thinking about how you want your marquee to look. Do you have a specific theme in mind? For example, many couples have festival themed weddings, English styles & vintage takes on our marquees. You can match your colours to the interior of the marquee with flowers, bunting & other decorations, this section truly is for you and your fiancé to explore and have fun.

5. Lighting

There are many ways you can light your marquee up for the evening as well as decoratively for the entire day; fairy lights, festoon lighting, uplighters. When getting married in the summer, you don’t need to worry too much about lighting but for those of you who may be having a wedding reception in a dark area, you may want to think about lighting the outside of your marquee as well as decorating the inside. This can be done with flood lights or if you want something a little prettier you can wrap fairy lights around trees as well as using candles in lanterns to guide your guests to the toilets or the exit.

We hope this guide has been useful for all of our brides & grooms, if you need any help in choosing a venue or figuring out if you have enough room for parking then please do ring us in the office or give us an email. We value your opinion! Please leave us feedback in the comment below and tell us what you think of the article. If there is anything you would like to see on the blog in particular please do let us know. We will be doing a champagne draw this summer time for the best feedback we get. We really value your feedback!