Tips for Hosting a Wedding at Home - Tips for Hosting a Home Wedding in Sussex

Sometimes you’re looking for a more personal and intimate wedding at the perfect friendly location. If you have a home or a friend’s or relative’s home that you think will make the perfect wedding location, you can host a successful celebration there instead of at a traditional venue like a banquet hall or similar place. With professional caterers and marquee hires through companies like Super Event, you can pull off this feat more easily than you think. To help you plan the event, here are a few tips and ideas to make the process as smooth as possible.

Plan and Prep it Properly

Any successful party must be planned out properly, especially something as important as wedding. Hosting a wedding at home will save you money, but if you don’t plan it the right way you can actually end up putting out more cash than you imagined you would.,/p>

Start by planning out a rough guest list. This will ensure that you have enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably. You should also think about what kind of reception it’ll be. If you’re considering a buffet you’ll have to take that setup into consideration. Consider talking to the professionals at Super Event to help you with this. With marquee experience, the experts will know exactly what you can achieve with the space you have. They’ll advise you on how to set up the tables, where to have your food and bar set, and other logistical points that you may overlook. Once you decide what works best with the space you have you can move on to the next set of details.

You’ve hopefully picked a date that gives you plenty of time to prepare your home properly. You’ll want to make sure that your backyard is groomed. You should plant flowers that go with the overall colour scheme of the event and you should landscape the area in a way that will function best with the layout of the party—you don’t want guests having to step over flowerbeds or navigate around topiaries. Before you do any work, consult with your marquee specialist.

Stick to a Theme

Even if you weren’t planning on an all-encompassing theme, doing so will help guide your aesthetic. This doesn’t mean that you need a broad theme like a luau, it could just mean choosing a colour palette or sticking to an overall style. For example, you can choose to do a vintage theme and have decorations and linens that reflect a vintage feel. Overall, a theme helps you stay on one path instead of throwing together ideas that you just happen to like.

Consider a Full Marquee

You may think that your space and your own work will suffice, but to create a truly successful at-home wedding you should consider a marquee hire service. These experts understand what it takes to plan out an elaborate event and they’ll remember the details that you might forget. For example, you might think that an outdoor event will go without a hitch but there are things that can go wrong. Marquee experts know this well and are always prepared for such events. They can set up tents, arrange for heaters, and even supply back-up electrical equipment in the chance that there is a power outage.

Not only will experts be able to handle problems that come about, but marquees make the whole planning process easier. The extra furniture will be acquired, delivered, and removed. The setup will be done properly to best accommodate the guest list. Proper flooring will be arranged to protect your lawn and your guests. Marquee hires can also provide you with decorative lighting, linens, and other features like decorative arches. Another advantage is that marquee hires will be broken down by the event company’s staff instead of you; all debris will be collected and carted away and all furniture and structures will be taken down and removed. Overall, marquee weddings can turn your home into the perfect setting with minimal work on your part.

Keep it Personal

The main advantage of having a wedding at home is that it’s more personal. Embrace this and go the extra mile to add personal details to the decorations. Place framed photos on the table as a centrepiece, use memorabilia that is sentimental to the couple to decorate the tent, or setup a slideshow of photographs that reflect the couple’s relationship and keep it playing on a small screen throughout the reception.

Hosting a wedding at your home is a large undertaking but these tips and tricks can help you plan it. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional to really ensure that everything runs smoothly.