The Benefits of Marquee Hire Weddings - The Benefits of Marquee Hire for Sussex Weddings

Marquee hires in Sussex, like the service offered by Super Event, can create a special atmosphere for your wedding. You can actually take all of your dream plans and turn them into a reality when you use marquee services for your big day. You can take a blank canvas venue like an empty loft space or a stretch of beach and turn it into the perfect wedding venue complete with electricity and bathrooms. Marquee weddings can even turn simple spaces like your own backyard into a functional and successful wedding space.

There are a number of different benefits of a marquee wedding including the cost.

By using marquee service you can turn a lower-cost venue into the beautiful dream venue that you envisioned. Consider some of these other benefits.

Accommodate Large Guest Lists

When you decide to marquee your wedding you can accommodate larger numbers of people easily so your guest list won’t be as restricted as it could be with venues that have set occupancy limits. This is especially true if you’re using the outside areas of an estate that has expansive lawns and gardens. In those instances a clear-span marquee can hold large guest lists within reason. Simply discuss your needs with your marquee vendor and see what is possible.

On the other side of the coin marquee hires can be ideal for smaller, intimate weddings. Most venues in Sussex will ask you to meet a minimum number of guests in order to reserve the space. This may lead to you paying for a larger guest list than you’ll actually need just to use the venue. With a small marquee setup you can have the intimate wedding of your dreams without sacrificing anything, including your budget.

Create a Unique Celebration

When you create your wedding from the ground up the result is a unique experience that only you and your guests will experience. By having the ability to pick and choose things like the flooring, the furniture, and the linens there is less of a chance that another wedding will have the same design as yours.

Marquees also allow you to choose a location that is special to you. Maybe you have a family farm where you spent the summers. You can take that location and turn it into a meaning wedding venue that is unique to you and your family.

You can also do a complete theme wedding through a marquee hire service. You’ll have complete control over the design and the structure of the space so you can create a cohesive theme easily. For example, you can work with your marquee vendor to create a Renaissance themed wedding complete with themed furniture.

Enjoy More Flexibility

A marquee wedding can also allow for better flexibility in terms of your overall wedding. You won’t be limited by venue restrictions. Some venues may require you to only work with their partner suppliers for certain things, for example.

You’ll also be able to stretch the time of your celebration out if you’d like. If you are having your wedding on one of Sussex’s beautiful beaches or on a friend’s or relative’s property you won’t be held to a time limit and can continue your wedding into the late hours of the night if desired.

With all of these benefits and very few drawbacks, a marquee wedding can help you get the dream wedding you’ve been picturing.