blog14 - Marquee Weddings Styling Inspiration

If you’re designing your perfect Sussex wedding, a marquee is an excellent choice. Marquees allow you to have huge wedding parties and give you complete creative control. Unlike with traditional venues, where you have to work with their decor, with marquees you get to create your own look from top to bottom. Of course, such unlimited creative license can be overwhelming! You have to consider every aspect of planning and decorating, from the lighting to where to place the bar to hiring generators to power the entire event. But once the basics are out of the way, there’s still plenty to consider when planning your dream wedding.

In this post we want to help you get your creative juices flowing so that you too can decorate your marquee wedding like a professional!

Create a dramatic entrance

First impressions matter. Before your guests even enter the marquee, they’ll see the entrance, which will set the tone for the entire event. What kind of impression do you want to give? Bold and dramatic? Warm and welcoming? Soft and romantic? Consider your overall style and choose elements, such as fabrics, rugs and flowers, that tie your theme together.

Also keep in mind that you need to create a clear entry point. Large floral displays are perfect here – not only do they add beauty and drama, but when placed on either side of an entrance they also make it clear where guests should go. This is also a perfect place to set up your gifts and cards table so that guests can easily unload their gifts and start to enjoy the party.

If you’re having a summer marquee wedding, then having an open entrance, perhaps with some flowing fabric or lining on either side, makes an excellent choice. If you’re having a late autumn or winter wedding, you may wish to incorporate an actual doorway into the marquee. This not only looks very elegant but keeps warmth in and rain out. During peak summer months it is almost always possible to have many sides of the Marquee open to enjoy the best of summer.

Start at the bottom and work your way up

With a marquee wedding, you can take into account every aspect of design, and that includes everything from the flooring to the ceiling! Start at the bottom: what do you want your guests to stand on? For many years Marquee companies used Coir matting. To be frank this type of floor really has had it’s day. Ladies heals stick in it, it can be difficult to keep clean and sometimes a little bit of a trip hazard. Super Event carpets almost every single Marquee unless a client particular wishes us not too. If the condition of the ground is poor it may be necessary to lay down a hard wooden floor first, to make ground conditions safe, then carpet that hard wooden floor. During summer times a nice lawn is often the perfect base. However, at the height of winter a hard wooden floor is almost always desirable to make sure the marquee remains water free. At any rate a hard wooden floor does help, summer or winter a great finish to a marquee floor. Coir matting is durable and provides a rustic look, perfect for casual or festival weddings. Sadly, this comes at a cost, with wooden flooring and rugs running two to three times the price of coir matting.

Another flooring option to consider is event flooring. Laid down in pieces, event flooring will not give you a completely rigid or flat surface, but it’s far more solid than grass and will keep your guests’ feet clean and dry.

Create spaces

Good design isn’t about cramming as many decorations as possible into your space. Focusing on a few key areas will create visual appeal, good flow and happy guests.

Chill-out-area: If all of the wedding events are being held in a single tent, people often like to carve out a space where guests can relax and take a break from the festivities. This is one of the most fun areas to design, and is limited only by your imagination! Consider everything from the type of furniture your guests will sit on to the centrepieces. Chill out areas, can be fitted out with sofas, comfortable chairs coffee tables and a different style off lighting.

Don’t forget the bar: Many people tend to gloss over the bar as if doesn’t have much decorating potential, but this is a wasted opportunity as the bar is one of the most popular areas of any wedding venue and deserves to be made visually interesting. Consider unusual shelves for the bottles, fun lighting, and interesting backdrops such as hanging vines or foliage. Also consider a bold sign to hang over the bar – not only does this let your guests know where to go, but also gives you another opportunity to personalise the decor.

Cake table: Don’t default to the boring, standard white table for your cake. Consider instead some interesting tables or other furniture to display your delicious confectionary: wooden barrels or antique armoires can be a fun choice. Spice up the table with some flowers and handmade mementos, and use a dramatic backdrop to make your cake table a focal point inside the venue.

Create rooms: One of the lovely things about marquees is that they’re so customisable. With some hanging fabric or curtains, you can create cozy rooms within the main tent. This allows you to create different atmospheres for different areas, such as dramatic, party lighting for the dancefloor and a more ambient, romantic mood for the evening meal. This is also a great idea to allow caterers, DJs, and other behind-the-scenes people to set up without being in full view of your guests.

Interactive spaces

Whereas a traditional venue will have different rooms and places for your guests to move between during the event, with a marquee guests will primarily spend their time in one large area. Setting up interactive spaces for your guests will keep things interesting for your guests.

One obvious idea is to have fun with the guestbook table. Make it interesting with personalised decor, an eye-catching backdrop and fun lighting. Another popular trend is to set up a photobooth where guests can have fun taking their pictures (and this is great for creating memories, too!).

Other interactive space ideas include dessert bars, where guests can create their own delicious desserts, or a whiskey tasting station where guests can sample rare or unusual liquors.

We hope this post has given you some fresh ideas to consider when designing the marquee wedding of your dreams. Whatever your style, the possibilities are endless!