Wedding Marquee Hire East Sussex

A shed is made of walls and beams, our marquees are built with love and dreams

What Do You Require From Wedding Marquee Hire in East Sussex?

Your wedding should be a timeless occasion. The memory of it should linger in your mind and make you smile long into the future. It should inspire your marriage.

Long after the occasion, when you remember your wedding, you should be able to recall the elation on your partner’s face and the pleasure of your guests at your reception. You should be able to visualise the style and elegance of your wedding reception that made you and your partner the talk of town.

Planning a successful wedding can be scary. With so much to think about, it can be hard to give your partner the attention he or she needs, or to focus on your happiness on your wedding day; you do not need any distractions.

At Super Event Wedding Marquee Hire service in every area of East Sussex (some popular locations are Rother, Eastbourne, Lewes), our aim is to take away those distractions, leaving you free to focus on the people and the things that matter. We guarantee that your wedding will inspire those enchanting memories you seek to create.

Super Event’s typical wedding marquee hiring package entails the marquee, the flooring, the lighting, the window walls, the doors, and any heating you require, depending on the weather and the time of year. Our package can be enhanced through the use of furniture, carpeting, temporary changing rooms, dance floors, entertainment lighting, star cloth ceilings, and luxury portable loos.


Super Event’s Wedding Marquee Hire service in East Sussex will put help you to design the perfect theme for your wedding. We can help you with everything, from our assorted menus and drinks to the interior design of your marquee.

Whether you want to celebrate the occasion in the comfort of your own home or in one of our many beautiful wedding venues in East Sussex, our designers will survey the location and then provide you with an analysis on what will work best in your chosen location. This is so that we—Super Event and you, our client—can decide together on the best marquee to erect for the occasion that will integrate faultlessly into the setting and bring out the beauty of your venue.

Super Event involves you in the decision-making, because what you desire for your wedding reception matters to us. A marquee is not only a cost effective way to host a large party at home, but can also transcend all sorts of venue issues; you may prefer an aluminium framed marquee, which is the ideal solution for venues with a garden pond, flower-beds or a swimming pools. Another solution is a clear span marquee, known for their beautiful clear roofs and walls.

Super Event’s Wedding Marquee Hire service in East Sussex offers a diverse range of marquees.

We can provide you with a hipped roof marquee or a pagoda. A high peak marquee can give your wedding ceremony a more corporate feel, if that is your style. We can offer you a bespoke wedding marquee service.

“It is not just a wedding we are planning for,
it is YOUR wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does to you..”


Super Event’s wedding marquee service in East Sussex is very flexible and puts customer satisfaction first.

Our customisation extends to indoor and outdoor furnishing, starlit ceilings, wall and ceiling linings and swags and wooden French doors. We never forget that it is your wedding and therefore it should reflect your personality and style.

At Super Event East Sussex we listen to what you want and we bring to life your dream wedding marquee.

What Is Included In The Price When Hiring Our Wedding Marquee in East Sussex?

• We tailor your marquee to your requirements
• You can choose from a wide selection of marquees, depending on your taste and budget
• Our rates are the most reasonable in East Sussex
• Our skills and years of experience are placed at your disposal
• You don’t have to worry about furniture; we can provide it
• You can take advantage of our full wedding package, which includes expert catering
• Our facilities will make your venue self-sufficient, with portable toilets and heating
• We provide you with a free site inspection within East Sussex
• You also get a free consultation

How Do We Meet Every Expectation?

The good thing about our free inspection and consultation is that we get to discuss in detail the viability of your proposed venue for your wedding ceremony. The topography of the location, while perfect if level, is not a problem for Super Event, because we can often resolve issues with slightly sloping sites by employing our specialised scaffold flooring.

We also discuss with you other issues relating to your venue, such as the number of guests. Our marquees can, of course, be adapted to accommodate any number of people. If your wedding celebration requires a dance floor or a stage inside the main marquee, that will be planned for, too. If you plan to serve a buffet, we will decide with you whether it should be served in its own tent, connected to the main marquee via a vaulted passage.

Super Event’s Marquee Hire in East Sussex incorporates everything you will need to plan for any type of wedding marquee.


That’s not all.

Super Event doesn’t only hire and set up marquees, we can also link marquees to a building using sheltered walkways. Most importantly, we can provide you with a detailed drawing or three dimensional computer model of the marquee design we believe will best suit your venue.

We can also see to your other wedding needs, such as catering and furniture. Our full wedding package for East Sussex covers everything. So why not give us a call?

Choose one of our beautiful wedding marquees and elegant designs, along with our interior and exterior furnishings help to make your wedding day a memorable one.

Why East Sussex?

East Sussex is a beautiful location for any type of Wedding, if you are a visitor wanting to get to know the surrounding areas here are some of our favorite places to visit on a day out; Seven Sisters, Beachy Head and Normans Bay.

For a relaxed, professional and affordable marquee service in East Sussex, you can do no better than Super Event. Get in touch today for more detail, or to get things started for your big day. We can’t wait!