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What Do You Desire In a Wedding Catering Service In Brighton?

Is it imagination and creativity? Is it delicious meal made from the freshest and finest ingredients?

Is it a menu that is tailored to your style and that expresses your culture, family traditions and personal preferences?

How about food that leaves people talking about it long after the wedding day has passed?

Super Event has been delivering wedding catering services in Brighton for decades. We are the go-to-wedding catering service in Brighton when a 5-star, personalised wedding catering is the order of the day.

We are laser-focused on taking your taste buds and those of your guests on a luxurious adventure. We use only the freshest ingredients and incorporate exciting flavours to produce food that delivers our promise: the promise of food that fits your wedding and delights you and your guests.

Our chefs are artists. We serve with elegance and style.  We take care of every detail to ensure that you don’t have to lift a finger. Your job is to relax and allow us to give you and your guest a treat to remember.


How Is Catering So Important To Your wedding?

Sadly, no matter how much care and planning you put into other aspects of your wedding, if the food doesn’t match the standards already set, it will disappoint.

We’ve all had an experience when poor catering has spoilt an otherwise wonderful wedding.

The truth is that the average catering service is either a hit or miss. A lot of services offered are general purpose event services that lack the know how to cater successfully for a wedding.

They simply lack the speciality involved in delivering a food service that matches a dream wedding.

And, on their special day, most couples can’t afford the luxury of not getting it perfectly right.

That’s why we are highly recommended in across Brighton including Brighton Marina, Hove, Kemptown, Woodingdean and across East Sussex. We’ve built a built a reputation for consistently getting it right.

Our clients know that with Super Event, class, style and elegance are guaranteed.

Why Catering Is a Reflection Of You?

At Super Event, we treat every wedding as unique. We try to tailor our catering services in a way that truly reflects your style.

We make sure we thoroughly understand your style and hopes for your event before working our magic with our delicious flavours and fresh ingredients. We ensure that our service is true to your style and theme.

Irrespective of the size of the wedding (big or intimate), we have the experience to deliver a service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

We ensure that every single one of your guests is treated and served like royalty.

“Plan your perfect event with us, we have a full range of marquees to suit every occasion”


Why Choose a Full Wedding Catering Service For Your Brighton wedding?

Super Event has everything you need to make your wedding catering a delight. We offer a full catering service that is unsurpassed in Brighton.

We take care to ensure we have provisions for the important details that others easily overlook. We come prepared to make your day special; we are certain we will deliver on our promise, irrespective of any unique challenge that may crop up.

How Can We Help to Plan Your Catered/Wedding Menu?

We can’t wait to put our experience and talent at your service. Our expert chefs look forward to planning your menu. Our well-trained staff will take delight and pride in serving your guests with style and elegance.

We have built a reputation as Brighton’s finest because we deliver a superb catering service.

How To Choose An Indoor or Outdoor Catering Service in Brighton?

We have delivered professional wedding catering service both indoors and outdoors for decades; some popular venues that have been recommended around Brighton are Royal Pavilion, Stanmer Church, Grand Brighton Hotel and Presonton Manor.

We creatively handle the unique challenge each venue presents and adapt our services to fit seamlessly into each environment.

We deliver a top-notch service without getting in the way of other important events. We are always there to perform our service when needed without occupying too much space.

We won’t get in the way but we will be right beside you when you need us.

How Our Chefs And Staff Could Improve Your Wedding?

At Super Event, we have assembled the most talented and passionate staff to do this important job.

Our catering service planner has decades of experience and takes time to design a menu that suits your style and theme.

Our chefs are artists. We take great pride in them. They are experienced and quite frankly are highly sought-after.  We are always on our toes to keep them with us and we go the extra-mile to keep them. Once you taste their cooking, you will understand why we don’t want to lose them.

All our staff members are highly trained. They are courteous, gracious and friendly. They personify our style and they always relish a challenge.


What Impact Can a Menu Have On Your Wedding?

We’ve gathered an amazing collection of wedding menus over the years that truly reflects the brilliance and spirit of Brighton.

Most couples are more than happy to select their wedding menu directly from our menu selection. Others like to make a few alterations here and there to design a menu that suits them perfectly. Some clients arrive with their own menu, which we are delighted to prepare for them.

We are always happy to help them with whatever they decide and we bring it to life beautifully.

However, we are also delighted to help you plan something from scratch that is not in print and we look forward to such a challenge. We will take the time to discuss with you and design a menu that will fit your event perfectly.

The menu is important and we give it the attention it deserves. Our chefs have the knowledge and culinary skill to prepare anything you want.

We can’t wait to help you craft a menu that is unique and exciting.


Last Minute Menu Requirements

If you have guests with special dietary requirements, we can take care of it. All you have to do is inform us and it will be dealt with.

In fact, our consultation with you is very thorough and designed to find out any special requirements you may have ahead of your day. We take the greatest care in ensuring that anything you mention is provided and taken care of and you do not need to tell us twice.

If something comes up at the last minute however, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are expert at handling emergency requirements and no problem is too big to overcome.

How Can Our Wedding Services Cover Drinks for a Brighton Wedding?

Super Event can supply and serve all the drinks if you prefer to run a cash bar. We are also happy for you to supply the drinks yourselves, while we serve them if you want to run a free bar.

You can be assured of the same excellent service that is the hallmark of Super Event; we will have something to satisfy all your guests.

What Do Full Wedding Catering Services Offer?

Everything we use to serve your guests on the day of your event will be carefully selected to match your wedding theme and style, from plates, glassware, linen, table cloths, tables etc.

We will also liaise with other key people on the day such as the bridesmaids, the parents, the best man, your event planners etc to ensure that we run a smooth operation on the day.

We have a cordial working relationship with many wedding planners in Brighton and East Sussex and we will do our best to ensure your day is as you dreamt it.

Call us today and let us work together to create a fairy tale wedding set in Brighton.