blog17 - 10 Tips to Creating the Summer Marquee Wedding of Your Dreams

Summer marquee weddings present a unique set of opportunities, when done right they are exquisite! Check out our top 10 tips for creating the summer marquee wedding of your dreams.

A lot of couples entertain the idea of a marquee wedding because it will be their own, “home designed dream wedding”, and not a “Factory Hotel produced” wedding. Because you’re putting the entire venue together yourself – from the marquee itself to the food, decoration, and even the loos! – it is a great deal of fun. These tips will ensure you’ve taken all the important considerations into account.

Choose your style

Before you get started, you need to have an idea of the overall style of wedding that you want. This affects your choice of location as well as the Marquee, shape of Marquee, how it is laid out, decorated and more. Do you want a traditional wedding? Do you want more of a “Party” fun wedding? Consider what kind of ground your wedding site offers: Most clients nowadays seek to use a clear frame modern style marquee. Make note of any features that your venue offers that you want to emphasise, such as a pond or exquisite gardens. These will affect your marquee placement.

Hire a professional

The best wedding gift you can give yourself is hiring a professional in all that you do, Catering and Marquees. An amateur will always be an initial cheaper, lesser cost, but in the grand scheme of things always works out to be costly in just oh so many ways.. A professional will keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes, from the catering to the music, and will handle all of your vendors. A wedding is a massive event, “possibly the most important day of your life” and without a professional to handle the details (and deal with any issues, which will definitely arise), you won’t be able to relax, dance, and enjoy the day. And that’s what a wedding is really about, right?


Parking isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when planning a wedding, but having an appropriate location for your guests and vendors to park is essential. If the only available parking is a grassy field, you may need to have a walkway laid down for the day so that in case it rains, guests won’t have to march through a muddy field in their finest. Also make sure that you have enough signs directing people where to park and how to get to the venue. In Sussex, there is always a village nearby, so you can also look into hiring a local car park and transporting guests to your venue by shuttle.


If you’re utilising a country location, your home or indeed another venue for your summer marquee wedding, then you’ll certainly need to organise some mobile loos. Your marquee company will likely offer you some with your marquee hire, but as there are some stylish, modern options these days, you may wish to look around for a mobile toilet style that doesn’t detract from your carefully planned wedding decor. Take the number of expected guests into consideration, and also ensure that you can power them with the electrical facilities available. If not, you may need to hire a generator as well. Most people nowadays see the standard of Loos as a very important part of the great event. Very few indeed wish to use blue plastic tardis style loos nowadays. A suite of nice, clean “Luxury” loos seems to be the way forward for everyone.

Large vehicle access

Some of your suppliers (like the marquee delivery company and mobile loo service) are likely to arrive in large vehicles, so be sure to take into account how they will access the property and that they have enough room to not only get through any gates and entries but also manoeuvre. Be sure to give them clear directions and let them know if there are any difficulties with access.


Before hiring your marquees, check with your caterer to find out how much space they will require, whether they will need a separate tent, and what they will need access to on-site to serve your wedding properly. For instance, they will certainly need access to fresh water, so make sure that you will be able to have a supply on-hand.

Consider the marquee’s design

These days marquees are available in a vast array of interior style. The clear modern style of Marquee is very flexible allowing various lighting styles is not limited/restricted by centre poles or guy ropes. The predominant colour selected by most clients tends to be Ivory and other light colours. This allows a blank canvas around which the whole theme is developed. Coloured Carpet, coloured over lays and much more may be introduced to create your wish.

Tables and seating

The traditional tables for a wedding are round, and so too with a marquee wedding. However, these days it’s becoming far more common for couples to choose long, banqueting tables that allow a more casual style of seating. These can be decorated very beautifully and can save space, as well. Consider the layout you would like to achieve and don’t be afraid to think outside the box – this wedding is all about what you want!

Look up

One of the best things about marquees is that they have a grand height that can be used in so many ways. Whether you want hanging paper lanterns or a crystal chandelier, bunting or twinkling lights, there are an incredible number of options available to decorate your space, create atmosphere and personalise your wedding.

Don’t forget the lighting

Lighting is one of the most dramatic components of your wedding, creating the mood and overall feel of the event. This is one area in which you’ll want to consider hiring a professional. Ask your marquee vendor whom they would recommend. Remember that you’ll also need lighting for the important pathways, such as to the car parks and toilets. If you’re having any activities outside the marquee, such as a hog roast, you’ll need adequate lighting for them, as well.

Having a summer marquee wedding in Sussex can be a truly beautiful experience. We hope these tips will help you create the wedding of your dreams!