wedding maquee sussex 51 - Power for the people!

It is vital that at any Marquee event; your wedding, your summer ball, whatever has a good power provision. Super Event Limited does our utmost to make sure this is taken care of. Life holds no guarantees, the national grid from time to time fails (Mind you this is nowadays quite rare) and this causes problems. The last thing anyone wants is a power problem on their event. It’s not just a matter of saying “We are having a wedding and need six plug sockets” It is important to identify the total power consumption; who needs power, how much, where, what type of plug sockets etc. 

It never fails to amaze us here at Super Event that some Marquee firms will run a complete Marquee event off an extension lead from a house or a building, even a summer house.  This scenario is really quite tricky and something we never do! Taking power from an out building triggers alarm bells with us straight away.  Chances are the summer house is on a small modest supply from the main houses. It’s similar to a hose pipe from the main house.  Power/water starts off great at the start then the water dribbles out of the hose pipe (not full power) when its say one hundred metres long. When providing power to a marquee from an extension lead from a house, it suffers from “Voltage drop”. It starts off at circa 240 volts when plugged in, but at the point of delivery, to the marquee the voltage is often less. This causes huge problems for particular equipment; bands, computers etc… and not least just a complete failure of the power supply. Moreover, a simple extension lead from the house or outdoor building is most unlikely to be adequate for a Marquee event. The biggest consumer of power on a Marquee event is almost always the Caterers, electric cookers, water boilers, mobile cold rooms etc… We use mostly gas to reduce electricity needs and keep the equipment to the minimum as far as electricity is concerned.  So, we all now know the problems with “Power problems” that’s the easy part, what do we do about it?


Install a 63amp socket


The image above is of a female 63amp socket.  It is usually a pretty simple task for an electrician to install this socket. This socket nowadays, needs to comply with various regulations and needs to be installed by a qualified electrician. This provides a good power supply for a marquee wedding as an example.  Super Event then bring along the Male socket to connect to this socket together with supply cable and distribution boards to provide power to other areas of the Marquee event. This is a million times better than trying to work off an extension lead from a summer house. This much is clear. The location of this socket can be near the mains distribution board where it comes into the house or perhaps on an outside wall of the house. The exact location is determined by each event but needs to be agreed with Super Event limited.




Sometime the Marquee regardless of using a 63amp socket is still too far away.  In these situations a generator is used. This is mobile, usually towed in by a Landover and positioned accordingly. Nowadays these generators are super silenced. It is mostly possible to position them on a cable to even put them out of sight. Super Event will then distribute the power as required.

We still need to manage and plan for total power on an event regardless off if the power is taken from the mains via a 63amp socket or a generator. If you have a marquee event booked with Super Event Limited no doubt your marquee is running of a generator or 63amp socket as described. Generators will be planned for by Super Event, the client will need to install a 63amp socket.  If your event is running off a 63amp socket, one of those jobs that can be done weeks in advance of your marquee event. It’s another job crossed off your list.


  1. Sue says:

    Totally agree, a good & maybe as important reliable power supply is vital when organising a Marquee event. A power failure in the middle of an event is disastrous & apart from anything else you get peace of mind with well planned power supplies that’s essential. Well done Superevent for highlighting this aspect of planning! Sue of Eleganza Weddings & Events

  2. Sophie says:

    Great article to remind people that planning is key!

  3. David says:

    Never even thought about this but makes sense! Good article!

  4. Paul King says:

    One of the first things Tony said when visiting Saltcote place in Rye in the early days. It’s essential that you take good advice when it’s offered any Celebration is important but a Wedding cannot be left to chance

  5. chris bowden says:

    sounds like good advice to me.