Non traditional Entertainment Ideas for Your Wedding1 - Non-traditional Entertainment Ideas for Your Sussex Wedding

Usually when a bride- and groom-to-be think about the entertainment for their wedding it usually comes down to a choice between a band or a disc jockey. However, these aren’t the only options. There are other musical options available in Sussex that you can hire to entertain your guests. There are also non-musical entertainment options that your guests might love.

Atypical Music Choices

A DJ is a fine option to keep your guests entertained and bands are great if you like live music, but these options are so common that you run the risk of falling in line with every other wedding that your friends or relatives might throw. If you know you want some type of music during your reception, but still want it to be a unique affair, consider some of these unusual options.

You can hire a traditional bagpiper or a full bagpipe troop to play for your guests. While this option isn’t one you’d consider for the entire length of the reception it could be good for your entrance and exit from the reception or for a short show in the middle of the reception.

Similarly, you can hire a steel drum band to add some Caribbean flavour to your reception. This can work well if you have already set up a tropical theme for your wedding or if you’re having your wedding on a beach.

If you’re having a more intimate wedding and you’re a fan of nostalgia you can actually hire vintage record players or gramophones to play records during your reception. This is a great idea if you’re having a Gatsby-themed event and invoking some elements from the 1940s or 50s. This can help keep your theme authentic instead of simply playing mood music through a DJ.

Hire a Magician or Comedian

Moving away from music completely, you can hire an entertainer to perform during your wedding reception. Some popular choices are magicians or illusionists and comedians.

If you’re interested in hiring a magician but worry about it being too juvenile, keep in mind that most magicians that perform at weddings create more intricate illusions or they perform mind illusions. They can even tailor their act to your specific event in order to captivate your guests’ attention.

You can also hire stand-up comedians to entertain your guests. There are plenty of amateur comedians willing to perform at weddings and similar parties for the exposure and the stage experience that finding one that suits your humour should be easy to find. Remember, some comedians are more off-colour than others. If you have friends or relatives who easily offend, steer clear of those comedians and find someone a little more conservative (while still remaining funny!).

Put on a Show

There are also other performers whom you can hire for your Sussex wedding. For example, you can book a burlesque performance that will entertain everyone. These can be sophisticated and upscale with flashy costumes and talented dancers. There are other dance troops that you can look into, too, if burlesque performers don’t match your personality.

For something a little more fun but without an actual performance that will stop your reception, you can hire look-a-likes to mingle with your guests. Actors can dress up to resemble famous celebrities, musicians, or even movie characters.

There are also mixologists that can put on short performances for your wedding. Properly trained mixologists can twirl bottles, set drinks ablaze, and even stack glasses in pyramids and fill them with a signature cocktail from atop a ladder.

By choosing one of these unusual entertainment options instead of the typical live band or DJ, you can keep your guests entertained while creating a unique experience that you and your guests won’t forget.