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A shed is made of walls and beams, our marquees are built with love and dreams

Looking to make a Horsham (Or anywhere around West Sussex) based event/celebration into something that extra bit special? Then Super Event’s marquee hire offer could be just the answer for you!

When it comes to planning a big, important celebration, you want to make sure that everything you use, and everybody you hire is operating at the top of their game – which is why we’re one of Horsham, and the West Sussex and East Sussex area’s most popular events company.

Marquee hire might not be the first thing you think of with regard to event venues, however, which is why we’re going to talk you through some of the services on offer and benefits of working with Super Event’s marquee hire for your next big celebration.

How Do We Provide The Perfect Setting For Any Event?

Anybody looking at marquee hire, in the first place, clearly wants to turn their next big party, celebration or event into something a bit more memorable, with a bit of a twist. At Super Event, we wholeheartedly believe in that idea, which is why we supply marquees for some of the biggest events, such as:


“Plan your perfect event with us, we have a full range of marquees to suit every occasion”


How Can Our Marquee Hire Help Wedding Ceremonies?

Always top of the list of any Horsham wedding marquee event; wedding ceremonies, by their very definition, are meant to be something extraordinary and unique – which is why more and more soon-to-be newly-weds are turning to us to create something special.When planning out a wedding marquee, we take into account all of the customer’s taste preferences, functional requirements and desires for the big day; all so that we can turn your marquee into something incredibly personal and relevant. Passing this big part of the planning over to us means that you can actually relax and enjoy the wedding, instead of worrying about the finer details.

How Can Our Marquee Hire Help Corporate Events?

As marquees become increasingly popular throughout the Horsham area, we’re seeing more and more business opting for the service for their corporate events. This is slowly changing the idea of company events being sterile, or formal affairs and instead encouraging employees to get involved with something a little adventurous.Our marquee offers can befit any corporate event, whether that’s an office Christmas party, a beloved employee’s retirement or going-away celebration,  or even something a little more business orientated such as product launches or important meetings – Super Event Horsham can meet the demands of them all!

How Can Our Marquee Hire Help Private Parties/Celebrations?

That being said, it doesn’t have to be a hugely important event, such as a wedding, or something corporate to warrant a marquee. One of our most popular jobs is supplying marquees for private parties and celebrations.Again, due to Super Event’s flexibility, we can provide for any size and type of private event throughout Horsham; from regular birthday bashes, through to graduation celebrations, Christenings and even Christmas parties – whatever the event, we have you covered.

How Can Our Marquee Hire Help Exhibitions?

An interesting, and slightly newer, use of marquees is that of trade shows and exhibitions. More and more Horsham businesses are recognising the diversity of marquees; usually for product displays and launches, as well as bigger corporate networking events and more.Of course, exhibitions don’t always have to concern the world of suits and business – we’ve also seen a rise in Horsham customers hiring marquees for art galleries and similar events. The sky really is the limit!


What’s A Marquee Without Service?

Of course, the above events are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg – whatever your event or scenario, we’re committed to making it a reality. This dedication is especially apparent when you take a look at the range of services on offer, throughout or Horsham marquee offers, such as:

How Can Our We Help With Bespoke Customisation?

As a testament to the limitless possibilities of marquees, we provide all of our Horsham customers with full customisation to turn their event into a truly bespoke celebration.Simply contact us today to begin an open conversation regarding different styles, requirements and variables that you can change (such as floorplans, seating arrangements, interior decoration, the marquee size and more) to turn the celebration into your celebration!

How Can Our Marquee Hire Help Facilities?

Choosing a marquee doesn’t have to mean that you’re missing out on some of the finer creature comforts of a building or party hall, either. We, at Super Event Horsham, give our customers a full selection of additional facilities and extras for their marquees: everything from toilets and changing rooms, for wedding celebrations; all the way to extra rooms for a bit of peace and quiet away from the main proceedings – every angle is covered.

How Can Our Marquee Hire Help Your Choice Of Themes?

That being said, not everybody necessarily wants to take use of the bespoke design service. This is fine, too; choosing us for your Horsham marquee hire means being offered a menu of ready-made themes. Put simply, there are too many to list, but some of our most popular themes have been a stylish James Bond evening, fun filled casino events and even, surprisingly, Halloween themed horror nights!Take our word for it; no matter what you have in your mind, we can turn it into a reality!


Picking Your Marquee

So far we’ve covered the type of events and style/themes on offer to you – now we need to look at the marquee itself! Worry not; even at this stage, we give all of our Horsham customers a degree of freedom.

You’ll have a choice of a wide range of different flooring styles for your marquee, such as hardwood, carpeted and a fully-fledged dancefloor depending on your event and personal tastes.

In addition to this, we also offer a competitive range of different lighting solutions – perhaps your event requires a bit of class and style? Then pick from our chandelier options. Or maybe you want your party to be more intimate and relaxed? Then why not opt for our candle-lit decorations and lighting plan?

We have you covered no matter what the style, requirements or practicalities of your Horsham party are, so think Super Event’s marquee hire for an affordable, memorable and unique experience! Get in touch today to get the ball rolling, and set those dream-plans in motion.

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Why Horsham?

Horsham is a popular area due to its lovely scenery and great points of interest, some of our faviourite places to go on a day out are Leonardslee (one of the largest and most spectacular landscaped woodland gardens in England,) and Horsham Museum.