Event Marquee Hire Eastbourne

A shed is made of walls and beams, our marquees are built with love and dreams

If you’re looking for a diverse range of options in marquee hire, throughout Eastbourne and East Sussex, then Super Event is the place for you. With our top class marquee services and offers, plus years of experience, we promise to turn your special day into something truly extraordinary at an affordable cost.

Our professional and dedicated staff is passionate about bringing customer’s dream celebrations to life.

Take a look at some of the events that we regularly provide marquees for, as well as a breakdown of the highly popular services which come as part of the Super Event parcel, when you look to us for your Eastbourne parties. 

What Are Your Choices When Looking At Event Marquee Hire In Eastbourne?

If you’re thinking of opting for a marquee over something a little more traditional, then it’s clear to us that your event means something special to you. With that in mind, you won’t just be looking for a simple, regular marquee to meet the demand – you want something equally special to truly make your event memorable.


“Plan your perfect event with us, we have a full range of marquees to suit every occasion”


We have a stellar reputation, throughout Eastbourne, for our marquee services at the following events:

Wedding Ceremonies

It’s the staple of all events companies, so it should come as no surprise that here, at Super Event, our most popular marquee hiring event is wedding celebrations. For a truly remarkable, and unique Eastbourne wedding, think of marquees.  We take all the plans, tastes and requests from each and every one of our wedding based customers and then incorporate them into a fantastic marquee, to truly create  a personal wedding ceremony.  So, relax, sit back and enjoy the biggest day of your life, whilst we take care of all the details.

Private Parties

Of course, no events company is complete without a regular turnover of private parties. Hiring a marquee for your Eastbourne party might not seem like the first logical choice, but if the ongoing popularity of our marquee is anything to go by – it’s becoming increasingly common.This is because, when you come to Super Event, you’re not just getting a cut and paste marquee for your special party; you’re getting a promise of customisation and quality. Our private party offers cover everything from simple birthdays and anniversaries, through to big Christmas parties, Christenings and more. With our selection of designs, themes and bespoke variation (more on that later) your party will stand out from all the rest!

Corporate Events

It might surprise you to learn that many Eastbourne companies hire marquees for their corporate and business orientated events. For a long time, the corporate world has been seen as formal, buttoned up and sterile in its appearance; but with the introduction of marquees for company getaways, this perception is changing.For everything from retirement parties and celebrations, straight through to staff weekends away (for team building or strategizing) or even big meetings, or launches – Super Event marquee hiring can provide everything any Eastbourne company could need!

Exhibitions, Displays or Launches

The commercial and trade sector of Eastbourne business is also turning toward marquees for their big events. This could be anything from large or small trade shows, simple product launches and corporate mixers or even something as artisan as a bespoke gallery; we do it all!With a whole range of adaptable services and variables, you can turn any exhibition or trade show into something above and beyond the ordinary in favour of something extraordinary with Super Event marquee hire for Eastbourne and East Sussex events.


What other Services is Included in the Price for Event Marquee hire in Eastbourne?

This all being said, no successful events company makes its name known through simply catering for a select group of different events. At Super Event, we like to give our Eastbourne customers an extra slice of quality with our marquee options by offering the following services:

How We Can Help With Bespoke Marquees?

As we mentioned earlier, the Super Event promise of quality and commitment to Eastbourne customers includes a bespoke marquee design and planning service. We understand that you want your special celebration to stand apart from the crowd, so let us use your input to design something unique.When you contact us for our bespoke marquee service, we’ll take the time to talk through the different customisations and options available to you, such as floorplans, marquee size, the interior decoration and overall theme and more, to truly put your stamp on the event.

How We Can Help With Your Themes?

Speaking of themes and customisation; if you, perhaps, would rather choose from a selection of themes, pre-organised and designed, to take some of the hassle out of your event, then we can do that too.Some of the common marquee themes that Eastbourne customers have chosen, throughout the years, are James Bond nights, for that extra touch of class and style; as well as casino nights (which can meld brilliantly with the Bond theme) or something a little more playful and fun, such as Halloween nights or fancy dress themes. Each theme comes with its own decoration and floorplan, so all you need to do is choose which is right for you!


What Other Extra Facilities Do We Have?

Hiring a marquee for your Eastbourne event isn’t simply a case of planting a tent in a field somewhere. With Super Event, you get a whole host of other facilities, to say nothing of our expert catering services; whether that’s tailoring your venue for any disabled guests, or adding in toilets and changing rooms (must-haves for any wedding celebration), or even adding in attached rooms for a bit of peace away from the main event – it’s all possible!

It’s more than just a name; Super Event is a philosophy and it’s one that we pass on to all Eastbourne customers looking for premiere marquee services.


How Can We Help Picking Your Perfect Marquee?

Finally, we arrive at the actual marquee itself! Different events come in different sizes, with a range of necessities: where a huge marquee might be required for a wedding ceremony, something more intimate would better suit a smaller birthday party.

With Super Event marquee hire, you have a choice of different marquee sizes, shapes, floor styles (hardwood, carpeted, dancefloors etc.) and lighting options; up lighters, classy chandeliers, spot lights or candle settings – nothing is too exotic and nothing is too simple.

When it comes to the interior of the marquee itself, then your imagination is the only limit. Tableware, furniture, linen, table decoration; everything is covered from the moment you pick up the phone and contact Super Event Eastbourne for our marquee services.

For a relaxed, stress free and high-class marquee celebration, think Super Event!

Why Pick Eastbourne For Your Event?

Eastbourne is a large costial town in East Sussex. Eastbourne is known for its sea sides resorts to its scenic surroundings such as beachy head. A great way to explore East Grinstead is from this online guide of day trips (Click here). Our favorite places to go on a day out in Eastbourne ; Towner Gallery, East Bourne Pier and Seven Sisters these show how cultured Eastbourne is and why you should consider it for your Events or your Wedding. We also cover neighboring towns from Eastbourne; Westham, Lullington, Polegate and other locations in Sussex.