Event Marquee Hire Brighton

A shed is made of walls and beams, our marquees are built with love and dreams

What do you desire in a Event catering service in Brighton?

The Super Event marquee hire promise is to offer our customers a wide selection of options for any and all events throughout Brighton and why we are highly recommended in across Brighton including Brighton Marina, Hove, Kemptown, Woodingdean and across East Sussex . Naturally, for big celebrations you want to find a company which boasts a dedicated and professional team of staff, adequately prepared for every scenario – which is why Super Event are the ideal business for you!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the common events that we’re hired for, and talk about the range of services available to you when choosing Super Event for your Brighton celebration.

How Is Catering so important to your wedding?

Nobody comes looking for a marquee unless they are organising an extraordinary event – you wouldn’t sink the time, money and planning into something that didn’t warrant it. We sincerely believe in that principle, which is why we try to give customers something beyond special when they come to us for their big celebrations.


“Plan your perfect event with us, we have a full range of marquees to suit every occasion”


Let’s begin by taking a look at our different types of marquee hire throughout Brighton:

How We Can Deliver Your Wedding Celebrations?

First and foremost, the obvious. The number one source of all marquee hires, especially throughout Brighton, is wedding celebrations. No successful, or professional, events company can overlook the importance of providing for weddings – which is why the Super Event’s wedding marquee hire is the talk of the town throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas.We listen to all request, plans and necessities on a client by client basis, to tailor your wedding marquee, and subsequently the event itself, into something incredibly personal. Not only does this make your day that more special, but it takes some of the stress away, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself! Some popular venues that have been recommended around Brighton are Royal Pavilion, Stanmer Church, Grand Brighton Hotel and Presonton Manor.

How We Can Deliver Your Corporate Events?

An increasingly popular subsect of the marquee hire business is that of corporate events. In previous decades, corporate getaways and company retreats were often viewed as something formal, or stiff. Nowadays, however, more and more companies are taking advantage of fantastic marquee offers, such as ours, to make their events that much more memorable.Looking for a venue to fit a retirement party? How about a large staff weekend, for team building exercises? Perhaps you simply want to conduct a meeting or product launch with a touch of something unique? Our formal, bespoke and sizeable marquees can accommodate all of the needs of any Brighton business!

How Can We Help With Private Parties?

Another staple of the modern day events and marquee sphere; private parties can be absolutely incredible events, depending on the choice of venue. With our fantastic marquee service, all private parties throughout Brighton can come with an additional touch of something personal, and a step away from the usual choice of venues on offer.Private events can cover anything from simple birthday parties and anniversaries, to bigger events like Christenings, or even Christmas parties. With our choice of different styles, designs and sizes – plus our bespoke services – your party will be one to remember!

How Can We Help Exhibitions And Displays?

Many events companies and customers often don’t think of the commercial, trade side of the business. At Super Event, however, we like to offer all Brighton business owners with a top-of-the-line marquee hire service for trade shows, product displays, product launches and even art exhibitions.Our flexible marquee service can be perfect for any type of event you can imagine; just get in touch and start the planning from an early date to see for yourself!

Our flexible marquee service in Brighton can be perfect for any type of event you can imagine; just get in touch and start the planning from an early date to see for yourself!


What Is Included In The Price?

The secret to Super Event’s success isn’t solely relegated to our different types of ceremonies, however. We like to go one step further and offer a range of services that truly flesh out the options available to customers throughout Brighton looking for a premiere marquee service.

How We Can Help With Customised, Personal, Bespoke Marquees?

Your planning and imagination doesn’t have to be hampered by the few events that we listed above, however. With our incredible bespoke service, there are truly no restrictions; you can host any type of event you want, with your own twist on the design and style of the evening.When you get in touch with us, we’ll talk you through the different variables that you can alter to suit your needs, such as floorplans, seating arrangements, marquee size and the decoration of your marquee.

What Are Our Facilities And Additional Extras?

Many people have an erroneous idea of marquees simply being big tents, out in a field. This doesn’t have to be the case, however; modern marquee hire provides Brighton party planners with a huge selection of facilities, such as toilets, ancillary rooms (such as porches, or changing rooms for big wedding celebrations) and even separate, quieter areas, away from the main dancefloor. When you choose Super Event marquee hire for your Brighton party, you’re getting a private little haven, just for you.

Readymade themes

That being said, even with our bespoke service, many customers enjoy our selection of readymade themes to give their celebrations that extra flavour, and incorporate a little more fun into proceedings. We can turn your quiet birthday party into a glamorous, James Bond themed casino night. Or perhaps you want to opt for something a little darker for a Halloween party? No problem, whatsoever. Choose from a wide range of themes, decorations, floorplans and more; to save you the hassle of planning every little detail. You can trust us!


Can we help you pick a Marquee for your event?

Of course, choosing a marquee for your big celebration, you’ll be met with a choice of different sizes, shapes and designs of the actual marquee itself. At Super Event, we like to give our Brighton customers plenty of choice and marquee customisation, even with this stage.

You’ll have your choice of different flooring (hardwood, carpeted, sprawling dancefloors etc.) as well as a huge range of different lighting options – a notoriously difficult part of the marquee process. Do you picture your beautiful marquee adorned with a chandelier?  We’ve got you covered. Perhaps you prefer some modern up lighters, pin spots or a playful spotlight for those dancefloor moments – we have it all.

As for the interior; we can supply you with everything a good Brighton marquee party needs, from linen to tableware and furniture, all bases are covered!

So, for a stress free, professional and dedicated marquee hiring service for Brighton and East Sussex events, who does it better than Super Event? Get in touch today to start the planning of your special celebration!