MQ Photos P - Dance Floor For Your Sussex Wedding Marquee

Most people know that when planning an event of any kind, it falls into various categories; arrival time, drinks, canapés, formal dining, speeches etc… and not least, the great dance party. Each and every part of the event is just as important as the other. A test of a good ‘dance party’ is simple. Check out the dance floor circa 10pm, you will soon see if you have a good party.  The size of the dance floor needs to be planned for. Clearly 300 guests at a wedding will require a larger dance floor than say an event for 100. Sounds pretty obvious but so many marquee contractors over look this very important point and seemingly provide the same size dance floor regardless of the size of the event.  Your dance floor needs to be big enough for plenty of people to join in and have a great time but not so big the dance floor appears vast.  We have to find a middle range.

Nowadays there are many styles of dance floor, reflecting the style & mood of the event.  Super Event uses a hard wooden dark coloured dance floor as a standard option; we feel it fits in well with other elements of the marquee colours.  However, you can of course hire other styles, which you can see below:

Dark wooden dance floor

A dark wooden dance floor in mostly an ivory coloured marquee is a good combination. These colours work well together and the good news is that this type of dance floor tends to be one of the most economical options.  Great news!


Black and White dance floors.

As the name suggests, the colours are black and white set out typically like a Chess board. It tends to be a love hate relationship.  We have clients who love it, others who hate it.  This is one of the middle range price options, more expensive than say a dark wooden floor but more economical than a white dance floor with LED back ground lighting.


White LED Dance floor

A white dance floor with L.E.D lighting. The L.E.D. element stands for “Light emitting diodes”… a posh name for light bulbs.  An all-white dance floor, with a back ground of stable white lighting or alternate patterns of lighting. The lighting part can offer a great fun element to the party.  Needless to say the back ground white lights (or coloured lights) can add a very special effect into a Marquee.


Super Event is able to provide dance floors for all of the marquees we provide throughout the whole of Sussex.  The range of dance floors has now developed to the point where there are firms who specialise is just dance floors.  I’m sure we can imagine some of the associated prices. Black, white, L.E.D, wooden triangular, round and many more. Some have lighting systems so complicated they need to be provided with an engineer to manage the lighting systems.  Then I guess if you are looking for a dance floor for a major musical event (perhaps not a typical wedding) you may similar have a huge budget.  Everyone has different ideas and not least different budgets.

Written by: Tony Brewin, Managing Director at Super Event.