Throwing a Corporate Holiday Party - Corporate Parties in Sussex

When the holiday season rolls around and you’re looking to show your employees how much you appreciate all of the work they’ve done throughout the year, throw a fun holiday party in Sussex. This can be an exciting and memorable occasion to bring everyone together and celebrate everything you’ve achieved as a team. This event can also boost morale and help everyone feel valued. If you’ve never taken on this kind of job, you may want to follow some simple, yet helpful, planning tips that can guide you through the whole process.

Some things you may already know to do as a business owner or manager. For example, you’ll probably already know that you’ll have to pick the most convenient date for your company and that you give your employees ample notice so they can arrange their schedules properly. You’ll also want to pick a convenient location if you’ve decided to host the event at an outside venue instead of in your office. If you decide to hold the party in your office, be sure to speak to a catering company, like Super Event, so that you’re sure to have delicious food even while celebrating in your own space.

If you’re hosting the party during non-office hours and off premises you should let your employees know what kind of an affair it will be. If it is a more formal party, let them know that you’ll expect them to be in suitable attire. Similarly, if it is a more casual event, let them know that it’s a time to relax and have fun in a more informal setting.

You more than likely also know that for a fun holiday party you’ll have to decorate the space appropriately to create a festive atmosphere, especially if hosting the party at the office. This can easily be done by visiting a party supply store and stocking up on inexpensive decorations. If you’ll be celebrating at a specific venue, you can talk to them about arranging for the decorations or talk to a marquee company like Super Event to handle the decorations.

These are the typical details that you have to deal with while planning a holiday party, but there are some other points that should be pointed out in order to throw a successful event that all of your employees will enjoy.

Make it Non-Denominational

Even though holiday parties are usually associated with Christmas, your corporate party should be non-denominational so everyone within the company feels included and welcome. You’ll want to stay away from anything that is traditionally religious and make the celebration more about the successful year you had as a company and looking forward to the coming year together. Try to pick decorations and features that are more season-oriented instead of holiday oriented, too. For example, create a winter wonderland feel with snowflake and icy blue decorations.

Consider Dietary Preferences

You should also consider all dietary preferences when planning the menu for the party. If you run a large company you have more of a chance that some people are vegetarians or have religious dietary needs. Any professional catering company understands how to accommodate these tastes and will happily help you decide on menu options that will please everyone. This may also play a role in your beverage selection, too. To cover your bases you may want to put out a notice asking people to inform you or a designated staff member of any dietary needs.

Look Out for Your Employees

Finally, no matter where you hold your event, you should always keep an eye on your employees. This usually means watching out to see if anyone is overindulging to dangerous limits. If you see that there are employees who are inebriated, take the time to make travel arrangements for them so they don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you see the warning signs and can intervene before things get out of hand, do so.

All of these ideas will help you plan and execute a successful corporate holiday party that will boost morale and bring your team together in a fun and memorable way. Remember to consult professionals like the team at Super Event for help with the food and decorations.