Ideas for a Successful 50th Anniversary Party - 50th Anniversary Parties in Sussex

Any anniversary is an accomplishment, but 50 years together calls for a celebration!

Whether you’re looking to throw your own event or you’re planning a party for your parents, planning such a special event shouldn’t be handled lightly.

Once you set a date for your anniversary party and settle on your guest list, you should reserve your party venue. This will ensure that you have the location you want for the date and time you want. When that major detail is settled, you should send out invitations so your guests have ample time to prepare for the party, especially if they’re coming from out of town.

Your venue may or may not have food, so you may have to look into a caterer. The chefs at Super Event are skilled in this area and can help you put together a satisfying menu for such a special occasion. Remember to arrange for a tasting ahead of time so you know what to expect from your caterer the day of the party.

You’ll also want to document the day in some way. Look into hiring a videographer or photographer so everyone involved has memories of the special occasion for years to come.

All of these ideas are typical for any type of party, but there are certain things you can specifically do for a 50th anniversary party that will make the event special.

Decorate in Gold Tones

A 50th anniversary is traditionally symbolised by gold. This element can lend itself perfectly to the decorations for the party. You can decorate the tables in gold and ivory linens, use gold-trimmed china, and hang gold-tone decorations in your venue.

You can also get gold accents like napkin holders and candlesticks to decorate all of the tables and use special gold ink to write out the place cards, menus, and programmes.

If you think your guests would be willing to do it, you can even set a gold dress code and have everyone wear something gold to mark the occasion.

Arrange Toasts or a Tribute

No special occasion should go by without the acknowledgement of some kind of speech or toast. Pick someone in advance to make the toast so they’re prepared when the moment comes. A child of the happy couple usually handles this duty, but you can pick anyone who wants to honour the couple through their words.

If your family isn’t really into speeches or toasts you can, instead, honour the couple through a tribute of some kind. A slideshow of the couple throughout the years can show everyone the evolution of their relationship and how they got to their milestone anniversary.

Consider Themed Entertainment

The entertainment for the party should match the style of the couple and their guests. Consider hiring a band that plays music from the period when the couple got married or hire a disc jockey to put together a playlist of popular music from that time. If you’re looking for something less intrusive, you can book a string quartet or a pianist instead.

These ideas are just a few that you can consider while planning a 50th anniversary celebration in Sussex. If you still feel a bit flustered about planning this event on your own, you can contact professionals, like the team at Super Event, to help you sort out the particulars and make your event a success.