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Premium quality catering services for your wedding

Why have Gourmet Wedding Catering for your Wedding in Lewes?

Your wedding day is unlike any other celebration; you want it to be exciting, personal and – most of -all unforgettable. It is one of the most important days of your life, after all.

That is why at Super Event in Lewes, we promise to deliver extraordinary wedding catering services to suit any theme you want.

We have been in the wedding catering business for a long time and our experience is undeniable, our quality unquestionable, and our commitment unwavering. In our safe hands, your special day will be all that you imagined and more.

No catering worries! Just say your wedding vows and let us do the rest.

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We are the premier wedding catering specialists in Lewes and East Sussex.

We take away the pressure of planning your wedding, leaving you to enjoy the happiness of the occasion.

What kind of wedding theme would you prefer? A tasteful Victorian style ball, fit for Lords and Ladies? Or maybe a more edgy Alice in Wonderland style wedding celebration?

Whichever one you choose, we guarantee you that we will fulfil your expectations.


“The key to the success of your event and your guests’ happiness, is to provide them with food they will never forget”

Why Pick SuperEvent for Wedding Catering Service in Lewes?


How Can We Deliver Professional Wedding Caterers in Lewes?

Our trained caterers have been in the wedding business for several years and have catered for every wedding scenario you can imagine. From deluxe-style grand parties to a more modest affair, we have provided peace of mind and delight to many couples’ wedding ceremonies in Lewes and around East Sussex .

How Can We Deliver The Best Wedding Menus in Lewes?

Our trained caterers have been in the wedding business for several years and have catered for every wedding scenario you can imagine. From deluxe-style grand parties to a more modest affair, we have provided peace of mind and delight to many couples’ wedding ceremonies in Lewes.

How Can We Deliver Quality Wedding Catering?

The quality of our style is well-known in Lewes. Being the leading professionals among caterers, we offer an excellent service that guarantees that your wedding party will go as planned. At Super Event, we offer great organisation, delicious food, gorgeous marquees and an unforgettable experience.

How Can We Deliver Competitive Pricing In Lewes?

At Super Event, we are expert wedding caterers who know how to combine the best service to fit your budget. We pride ourselves in our ability to organise five-star wedding catering at the most reasonable prices in Lewes. There are no hidden fees.

How Can We Deliver Your Wedding Catering Package (Menu)?

The food and drink are among the most important elements at your wedding, and you want to get it right. You could choose to do it yourself and end up totally exhausted on your wedding day, or you can leave it to our specialists to manage your event, while you focus on looking stunning and enjoying your big day without any concerns.

Super Event Lewes, recognises that one of the things that makes a successful wedding is the menu; that is why we offer you the best of our first-rate menus cooked with expert skill by our super chefs. As the foremost wedding catering professionals operating in Lewes, we offer a diverse range of mouth-watering dishes, dressed to perfection and enhancing any theme you choose for your special event.

Our chefs have their own exclusive wedding menus or you may decide to discuss with us a more specific range of offerings suited to your diet choices and those of your guests. It does not matter; either way, we will surely deliver exactly what you were hoping for on the day.

What’s more, our menu prices are reasonable. Depending on the delivery style or theme of the wedding, our menu costs vary from £18.50 + VAT per individual (for casual events) to £42.00 +VAT per individual (for a superb dining experience). We also include drinks packages with concessions on the higher end packages.


How Can We Deliver Your Marquee Hire Service in Lewes?

On your wedding day, there are so many preparations to think about. You are probably looking for a suitable wedding venue in Lewes; well worry no more. Our wedding caterers in Lewes have a list of stunning venues matching your tastes, and we also offer a fine assortment of beautiful and fashionable wedding day marquees suitable for about just any place you can think of: outdoors or indoors.

Why a marquee? Marquees add that extra touch of beauty to an event and can create an idyllic atmosphere for a wedding party, whether at sunrise or sunset. A beautifully designed and well laid out marquee can make the difference between a mundane wedding and a dreamy wedding ambiance.

Marquees have become more popular at weddings because people enjoy the shady comfort a marquee offers, as well as the very special atmosphere within. As wedding caterers with many successful weddings in Lewes to our name, we can guarantee that a marquee will indeed make your venue look elegant.

What to expect with our Wedding Catering Service in Lewes?


How Can We Deliver Your Complete Wedding Catering Package?

Our Lewes expert caterers know that preparing for and managing an event as significant as a wedding can be difficult and challenging; that is why we offer you a complete package service. You get to relax as we work our magic with everything from food and drinks catering, marquee hire and  an experienced in-house staff, to selecting from a wide range of cutlery, crockery, glassware and linen etc.

At Super Event, our complete catering package includes a full catering set up and break down, a full complement of cooking equipment, refrigeration, a range of menu options and drinks service,  all included within our complete pricing package. There are no hidden charges.

Our marquee hire service in Lewes also has what it takes to turn an empty space into a lovely wedding venue. We will transform your garden into a five-star restaurant, giving you all the material you would expect at your wedding venue. We assure you that we will work with you to provide everything required to make your wedding day a success.

Relax and Let Us Handle your Complete Wedding Package.

Here’s a peek of what our Wedding Caterers in Lewes can give you

  • Gourmet chefs with several years of experience and a particular set of culinary skills you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The use of garden-fresh, locally cultivated produce to give the most sumptuous dining experience and amazing tastes; from hors d’oeuvres to the big dining desserts. Wherever possible, it’s all local produce.
  • An all-inclusive pricing method, which is based on the number of courses you choose for your wedding feast, as well as the category of service dinner package you decide upon. We have no hidden extras.
  • An impressive assortment and range of cuisines and food types, beyond most people’s dreams.
  • A variety of drink options to choose from; for the veteran wine connoisseur and the infrequent drinker
  • Full support on your wedding day, just to make sure everything runs according to plan.

Why Pick Lewes for your Wedding?

Lewes is a historic county town in East Sussex (Sussex), Lewes is one of the 6 Districts in East Sussex. Lewes is know for its great brewery and local foods to its scenic surroundings. A great way to explore Lewes is from this online guide of day trips (Click here). Our favorite places to go on a day out in Lewes ; Lewes Castle, Anne of Cleves House, Cliffe Hill and Firle Beacon these are a great example of how cultured Lewes is and why you should consider it for your Events or your Wedding. We also cover neighboring towns from Lewes; Kingston, Ringmer, Glynde, Rodmell and other locations in Sussex.


Last December I almost flew into a panic a few weeks prior to my wedding when I realised I hadn’t figured out my plans yet. Then a colleague at work referred me to Super Event and right then everything became okay. They had the most professional catering staff and the canary yellow theme was amazing! – Jon 26, Lewes