BG 4 2 - Jez & Sarah

Congratulations Jez & Sarah!

What can I say, every wedding we do Is so so different!
This one the sun really did come out to play, and we were so happy it did!

Jez, stunt pilot extraordinaire it appears by his collection of stunning planes and his friends various accolades.
Sarah appears to be also amazing at everything ! All her friends saying what a amazing artist she is, the most loving animal carer and not forgetting her new food love, “nude food”. Which her friends do declare to be “pretty great actually” !!
Together they really are the best combination, hilarious full of smiles and welcoming to everyone.
We love nothing more than seeing a couple who couldn’t be more comfortable and suited with each other.
Working with them was a dream, the whole day was in fact!

Their marquee had the best backdrop we had seen in a while. With the walls being open at the back, you were able to seeing rolling fields of green and gold, absolutely stunning!
Tables were decked with action figures which became a great game all day long.
When ever a piece of music was played ( This could be at any time) you had to assume the position of your figurine… hilarious, especially the further on into the night it got!

Tables were also named after different types of champagne, so when the champagne raffle was called you got to drink that champagne. Some got baby Champ others Cliquot. What would you prefer?

Time for food

Canapés featured a hot favourite, mini burgers! amongst many others such as lobster pots and fish and chips to name just a couple.
Starters featured one of my personal favourite options of the beetroot cured smoke salmon.
Main course involved Lamb, herb crusted salmon and the vegetation filo parcel!
Pudding was our trio with dietary options of a selections of berries and coulees.

After all that eating speeches commenced, lots of hilarious speeches.
Starting with Sarah and her bridesmaids, followed by the best men and various embarrassing antidotes by many friends before Jez tried to make a speech.
When we say try we mean battling distractions and disruptions by cruel but very funny friends. !

Time to cut a cake with a massive sword! ( The cake was made with coconut oil and smelt incredible)
Finally the first dance. All we need to know here is that Jez did not drop Sarah on the floor.
(apparently this happened on  one of their first meetings!)

Congratulations, what a truly wonderful day.