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Why Pick Horsham’s Expert Wedding Caterers?

Your wedding day is special; you want it to be glamorous, impeccable and most of all memorable. Why not? It is after all one of the most significant days of your life. That is why at Super Event in Horsham, we have made it our responsibility to provide you with an exceptional wedding catering service fit for the kind of theme you want. We have been doing this for a long time so our experience is unquestionable. In our care, your special day will be all that you wish for and more. No catering hassles; just say your vows and leave the rest to us!

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We are the leading wedding catering professionals in Horsham and surrounding areas (Southwater, Itchingfield, Broadbridge Heath and Manning Heath). We take away the stress of organising your wedding so that you can enjoy it and be happy. What kind of theme would you like? Maybe a royal ball fit for kings and queens or maybe you are more adventurous and would prefer an Arabian nights themed wedding party? You will of course have your own ideas and, whatever they may be, we guarantee you that we will deliver.

If you are a visitor to Horsham and want to get to know the area better, here are some of our favorite places to go on a day out;  Leonardslee and the Horsham Museum.


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Why Choose Our Wedding Catering Service In Horsham?


How We Deliver A Expert Wedding Caterers in Horsham?

Our experienced caterers have been in the wedding business for decades and there is no kind of wedding they haven’t catered for. From luxury style royal bashes to simple budget nuptials, we have brought merriment and happiness to many couples’ unions in Horsham and all of West Sussex.

How We Deliver The Best Wedding Menus in Horsham?

At Super Event, our menus are quite simply delicious. Prepared by licensed super chefs, we offer mouth-watering dishe which are guaranteed to keep your wedding guests wowing with delight. In addition to our more formal, gourmet-dining options, we offer hog-roasts and BBQs; we have a wide range of menus and dining styles for you to choose from.

How We Deliver Quality Wedding Catering?

The quality of our food is legendary in Horsham. Being the foremost among caterers, we deliver a top-notch service that ensures your wedding goes as planned. Great organisation, excellent food, beautiful marquees and a memorable experience; we offer it all! Competitive Pricing in Horsham. At Super Event, we are specialist wedding caterers who know how to combine the best service to suit your budget. We are renowned for organising five-star wedding catering at the most competitive prices in Horsham and across West Sussex. There are no hidden costs.

What Is Included In The Price Of Our Wedding Catering Hire In Horsham?

How Do We Deliver A Complete Wedding Catering Package?

Our Horsham professional caterers know how important the planning and organisation of your big day are, as a wedding can be demanding and stressful. We aim to reduce the stress for you and that is why we offer you a complete package service. You can relax as we work our magic from food and drinks catering to  marquee hire. Included in your package is an experienced in-house staff and your selection from a wide range of cutlery, crockery, glassware and linen etc.

At Super Event, our complete catering package includes many wedding menu options, the setting up and breaking down of a full catering kitchen, a full complement of cooking and refrigeration equipment and drinks service during your event. All of this is included within our complete pricing package. There are no hidden costs.

Our Marquee Hire service in Horsham also has what it takes to turn a blank space into a beautiful wedding venue. We will transform your garden into a five-star restaurant, giving you all the material you expect at your wedding venue. We assure you that we will work with you to provide everything necessary to make your big day a huge success.


What Is Our Horsham Wedding Catering Package (Menu)?

The menu you offer to your guests is one of the most important elements of your wedding day and you undoubtedly want to get it right..

You could choose to organise the catering yourself and end up extremely exhausted on your wedding day, or you can simply leave it to our professionals to handle, while you focus on looking perfect and enjoying your special day without any concerns about the food.

Because Super Event Horsham understands that one of the things it takes to make a successful wedding is the food, we bring you the best of our first-rate menus expertly cooked by our super chefs. As the premier wedding catering professionals operating in Horsham, we offer a wide range of mouth-watering dishes, garnished to perfection and perfect for any theme you choose for your special occasion.

Our chefs have their own special wedding menus, or you may choose to discuss with us a more select range of options suited to your diet preferences or those of your guests. It does not matter; we will definitely deliver a menu on your wedding day that you and your guests will love.

What’s more, our menu prices are affordable. Depending on the organisation style or theme of the wedding, our menu prices vary from £18.50 + VAT per individual (for informal events) to £42.00 +VAT per individual (for an exquisite dining experience). We can also include drink packages with discounts on the higher end packages.

What Is Our Marquee Hire Service In Horsham?

On your wedding day, there are so many preparations to think about. You are probably looking to find an appropriate wedding venue in Horsham. Well, fret no more! Our wedding caterers in Horsham have a list of beautiful venues to suit your taste and we also offer a fine selection of lovely, stylish and impressive wedding day marquees, fit for any location you can imagine; outdoors or indoors.

Why a marquee you may ask? Marquees add that extra touch of exclusivity to an event and can create a dreamy atmosphere for a wedding celebration, whether at sunrise or sunset. A beautifully designed and well-planned marquee can make the difference between having an ordinary wedding or creating a paradise wedding ambience.

Marquees are increasingly popular at weddings, because people enjoy the delightful shade a marquee can offer, as well as the surreal feeling that can be created within. As wedding caterers with numerous successful weddings in Horsham to our name, we guarantee that a marquee is indeed a tasteful and bespoke wedding venue for clients.


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What Can Our Wedding Caterers In Horsham Offer You?

  • Gourmet chefs with many years of experience and a specific set of culinary skills and artistry you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Fresh, locally grown and sold produce whenever this is possible, offering you and your guests a delicious dining experience of exquisite flavours, from the starters and main course through to the dessert.
  • An all-inclusive cost system, based on the number of courses you choose for your wedding breakfast and the category of service dinner package you decide upon. We have no hidden charges.
  • A delicious assortment and wide range of foods and culinary styles, worthy of a top class restaurant.
  • A wide range of drinks packages to choose from, whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or simply an occasional drinker.
  • Full assistance on your wedding day, just to make sure everything goes according to plan.


I had my wedding a few months ago. I was swamped with a lot of decisions to make involving food, drinks and the venue. It wasn’t until I hired the wedding caterers at Super Event that I began to feel some sense of relief. It was an awesome wedding party and the food was great. – Julia 28, Horsham