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Premium quality catering services for your wedding

What To Expect From Our Wedding Caterers In Haywards Heath?

Are you looking for the finest and most professional wedding catering service in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas such as CuckieldLindfield or Scaynes Hill.

Are you looking to give your guests an exquisite dining experience they will rave about long after your wedding day?

Look no further! Here at Super Event, we have been providing wedding guests with a five-star dining experience at wedding venues for decades, building a solid reputation as an expert wedding catering company.

Why Is Catering So Important To A Good Wedding?

A beautiful wedding day in the most exquisite location can be spoilt by a meal that doesn’t live up to or surpass the standards already set.

A joyously romantic, special occasion can be ruined by a less than good catering service. That’s why couples who are looking to maximize the joyous experience they are sharing on their special day with their guests choose us to handle their catering service: because they know that, with Super Event, a high quality, bespoke catering service is guaranteed.

How We Create Every Wedding Unique?

Super Event understands that every wedding is unique. We carefully incorporate your own preferences and our own fresh flavours into the menu.  We have the experience that enables us to deliver a quality service at both big and small events without compromising on quality.


How Can Our Wedding Caterers In Haywards Heath Handle All Your Needs?

Super Event is your one-stop shop. We offer a full catering service and everything needed to make sure that your wedding reception is a success. You can count on our experience to handle everything relating to food preparation and service at your wedding,

How To Pick Between Indoors Or Outdoors?

We handle all outdoor and indoor catering needs. Our wedding packages come with event planning, glassware, napkins, cutlery, china and tablecloths. They also include a full complement of waiting staff, culinary professionals and on-site management personnel.

Super Event is considered Haywards Heath and West Sussex finest wedding catering company because we deliver an end-to-end solution for wedding receptions. Our strength doesn’t rely solely on our exquisite cuisine, it relies, too, on our professionally trained waiting and bar staff who serve the meal and drinks with a touch of class and style.

How Do We Take Care Of Every Detail For Your Wedding Catering Needs In Haywards Heath?

Every detail is fully taken care of. We aim to deliver an unforgettable experience and play our part in ensuring that you have a day to remember for all the right reasons.

We also provide a bartending service. Just tell us what you want and we will do the rest!

“It is not just a wedding we are planning for,
it is YOUR wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does to you..”


What Can We Do To Make Your Menu Unique To You?

It’s your day and we are here to serve you. But, before we do, we will spend time planning your dining experience with you. Like many other couples at big events in Haywards Heath and West Sussex, you may choose to select dishes from our various menu options. Alternatively, we can work with you to design your own menu, ensuring a balance of flavours and dishes to provide you and your guests with a bespoke dining experience.

Your menu can be planned to suit the style and theme of your wedding. You may have only a rough idea of what you would like to be served; we are happy to assist you in bringing your menu to life by listening carefully to your ideas and filling in the gaps with our creative, professional knowledge.

What Can We Do To Make Your Menu Reflect You?

We relish working with clients in this way. It’s your day, and we want to ensure that it goes exactly how you would like.

We Take Care of Special Diets

Do any of your guests have special dietary requirements? No problem! All you need to do is inform us and we will handle the rest. We will ensure that all your guests are catered for and are able to dine together, eating the food they prefer and which is safe for them.

We will also cater for other staff. Your photographer, musicians and any other event planners will be discretely and fully catered for.

How Do We Have Everything Covered?

Super Event will be delighted to supply all your drinks and help you serve them. We are equally delighted for you to supply all the drinks yourselves while we take care of serving them.  Our staff are professionals and you can be sure that drinks will be served with elegance and class. We can also provide refrigeration if required. Bottle disposal, too, can be dealt with. Just discuss it with us.

If you would like to provide a free bar for your guests, our staff are on standby to help you organize and run it. This means that you provide the drinks while we provide the service and guests do not have to pay for their drinks. If you prefer a cash bar, we are equally happy to take care of the arrangements and can supply the drinks for you ourselves.

Super Event is all about flexibility and customizing your occasion just the way you want it.


How Else Can We Help?

Beyond the menu and drinks, we have a range of tables, chairs, linen, glassware, and crockery to complement your theme. We can help you to organize and  create a style that will suit your menu and event style. If you need help decorating or styling your venue, we are the experts in Hayward Heath. We also offer full marquee hire if you require it.

What Makes Us Different To Other Wedding Caterers In Haywards Heath?

To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, we will liaise with key people on the day, such as the best man, bridesmaids, event organisers and parents. We have a good working relationship with many venues and event planners in Haywards Heath and we are delighted to work with them as a team to deliver a top quality service to your guests.

Our preference is to come and see you in advance to help lay tables and plan the small details to ensure there are as few surprises as possible on your day. We will also do a final run through of times and ensure we have all the key information we need to ensure we your day is the very best it can be.

Call us today. We can’t wait to play our part in making your dreams come true.