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Why Pick SuperEvent For Your Wedding Catering In Eastbourne?

When it comes to wedding catering services, Super Event has built a reputation as the finest company in Eastbourne.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of couples make their special day a thing of beauty.

We have always promised every couple that we will provide a high quality dining experience on their big day and we have always delivered on that promise.

Here at Super Event we use only the freshest ingredients for our wedding catering service in Eastbourne and around East Sussex.

Super Event’s ethos is that you should enjoy the experience of a lifetime. When you choose Super Event, you are taking a step towards making your dream wedding into a reality. By letting us cater for your wedding in Eastbourne, you can be sure that only the best will do.

That’s the reputation we have in Eastbourne; that’s the reputation we’ve built over several years; that’s the promise we have made to and fulfilled for numerous couples and that is what we stake our reputation on.

If you want to delight your guests’ by providing them with a memorable and delicious menu of top restaurant quality we invite you to call us today. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


How Do We Stand Out From Other Wedding Catering Services In Eastbourne?

Every one of us has been to a wedding where the catering just hasn’t lived up to expectations. The truth is that when you’re seen to have taken the greatest of care over every detail of your wedding day plans , your guests quite naturally have high expectations of the catering service they expect to receive and when the catering service doesn’t deliver on its promise, this can leave your guests disappointed. At such times, only a 5-star, luxury catering service will do, but finding one is often hit and miss.

Unfortunately, couples can’t afford to get it wrong on their special day.

That’s why we are the first company everyone recommends in Eastbourne. We are trusted because we consistently wow our guests. We are trusted because we get it right every time.

We’ve learnt that it’s not difficult to impress your guests for a long time after the wedding when you’ve impressed them with delicious wedding food.

How Do We Help You Make Your Wedding Catering Unique?

The only thing that is consistent about our catering is its unrivalled quality: no two weddings are alike at Super Event. The style is different; the theme may be different. We pride ourselves on making sure that our catering truly reflects your unique vision for your wedding day. After all, it is not about us. You own the day and our job is to allow you to shine.

Irrespective of the size of your event, you can be assured that we never compromise on quality. All your guests will be tended to like royalty.

“It is not just a wedding we are planning for,
it is YOUR wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does to you..”


We Offer a Complete Solution. Call Us Today to Get Started!

You can rest assured that once you put us in charge of your catering, you will have no more concerns on this front. We offer a full catering service that caters for everything down to the smallest of details. This includes tables, chairs, cutlery, glassware and china: everything will be taken care of on your behalf.

Why Not Have a Wedding Outside?

It doesn’t matter whether your wedding event is indoor or outdoor,  we are experienced in both and have mastered the intricacies involved in managing them efficiently.

We know how to best manage space and we never get in the way of you or your guests.

Super Event delivers end-to-end solutions for all wedding receptions. Our catering service includes all the wares and personnel necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We leave nothing to chance.

How Can We Help Make Your Menu Unique With Our Wedding Catering in Eastbourne?

An essential part of a good catering service is designing a menu that will wow your guests. We take great care to get this process spot on, as it can make or break your wedding day.

Following many years of catering for weddings in Eastbourne and East Sussex, we are able to offer a variety of menus to delight every taste.

Many couples are happy to select from our menus with little or no changes required. However, we are always willing to help you provide the menu of your choice. We look forward to listening to your ideas and suggesting ways to make sure you have a menu that fits with your theme and style.

A great menu is all about ideas and creativity, and our expert chefs are waiting to help you shape your culinary ideas and bring them to life.

We will help you stamp your character and style on your menu and you can be assured that the execution of the dishes will be flawless.


 What Other Food And Services Are Included In Our Wedding Catering Package?

All you need to do is inform us if you want to run a free or a paid bar at your event and we take it from there.

A free bar is where you provide all the drinks while we help you run the bar, and your guests won’t have to pay for their drinks. All we charge for this is a small fee to cover for the cost of our staff who will run the bar.

If you prefer a paid bar, then we will supply all the drinks and run the bar, but your guests will pay for their drinks.

No matter which model you choose, you can rest assured of the same high standard of service for you and your guests.

Why Experience Matters When Hiring Wedding Catering in Eastbourne?

To be able to keep our promise of giving you a remarkable day, we understand there are other key players who are handling other important aspects of your day.

You can rest easy, knowing that we will get along with them just fine and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Having worked in Eastbourne for many years, we have developed a good relationship with many of the Event Planners in and around the area.  We know we can work with them efficiently and do everything we can to help everyone deliver their very best on your wedding day. It’s about you on that day, and we will go out of our way to ensure it’s a day of bliss for you. Call us today! We are looking forward to working with you.


Why Pick Eastbourne For Your Wedding?

Eastbourne is a large costial town in East Sussex. Eastbourne is known for its sea sides resorts to its scenic surroundings such as beachy head. A great way to explore East Grinstead is from this online guide of day trips (Click here). Our favorite places to go on a day out in Eastbourne ; Towner Gallery, East Bourne Pier and Seven Sisters these show how cultured Eastbourne is and why you should consider it for your Events or your Wedding. We also cover neighboring towns from Eastbourne; Westham, Lullington, Polegate and other locations in Sussex.

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