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What To Expect From Wedding Caterers In East Sussex?

Welcome to Super Event Sussex, the wedding catering service of choice for every locations in East Sussex such as Rother, Eastbourne, Lewes and many more places.

When it comes to delivering imaginative, delicious meals and solid, professional wedding catering staff, we are the name on everyone’s lips in East Sussex. This is because, for decades, we’ve helped couples spice up their big day with exquisitely themed meals that have truly personified their style, preferences, culture and traditions.

We are all about delivering 5-star food and service at weddings, taking you on a taste adventure and managing the process smoothly.

We ensure the tale of your wedding is written on the tongues of your guests. We are not about leaving a smile on their lips, our goal is to leave them full of compliments for your genius, creativity and superb taste.


Why Is Catering So Important To a Good Wedding?

Sadly, we have all seen a beautiful wedding in the most inspiring location in East Sussex dampened by a catering service that was just okay and didn’t live up to its promise. The food was just okay; the service lacked personality and was unimaginative.

A service like that might be good enough for other events, but on your big day, when you are aiming for the sky, it just won’t do.

The sad truth is that finding a great wedding catering service isn’t as easy as it should be.

Too many services are just generic services that target all events. They simply lack the speciality necessary for providing a dream wedding catering service.

Most couples can’t afford to experiment on the most important day in their life.

That is why whenever someone is asking for a luxury catering service in and around East Sussex, Super Event is the name on everyone’s lips.

This is because we have decades of experience and the talent to deliver bespoke wedding service. We bring a 5-star catering service to your events.

We delight, enchant and leave your guests raving about the meal and the classiness of the event long after the wedding is done.

How Do We Create a Wedding Unique To You?

No two weddings are alike at Super Event. We first try to understand every detail of your wishes and aim to get to know you. We then artfully mix your own personal tastes with our finest ingredients and produce an exquisite and fresh tasting menu.

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is big or an intimate affair, we have the experience of delivering a service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

From the first to the last guest, we make sure that they experience the same high quality of food service.

How Do We Take Care Of Everything For Your Catering Needs In East Sussex?

Super Event is the one-stop shop for all your catering needs on your wedding day in East Sussex. We offer a full catering service.

Everything you need to make your wedding day special as far as the catering is concerned is on offer from us. We are particular about the tiny details that can be so easily overlooked.

We can’t wait to put our experience at your service and ensure your cuisine is artfully crafted by our world class chefs and served with glamour and elegance by our professionally trained waiting staff.


“It is not just a wedding we are planning for,
it is YOUR wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does to you..”


How To Pick Between Indoors Or Outdoors?

Our experience in delivering a professional service both indoors and outdoors stands us in good stead.

We know how to handle the unique challenges each venue presents. We know how to go about our duty without taking up too much space or interfering with the other essential aspects of your special day.

We are never in the way, but we are always within reach.

We have built a reputation as East Sussex’s finest because we deliver end to end solutions for wedding receptions.

Why Pick Super Events For Wedding Catering In East Sussex?

We have talented catering planners who will help you to design a menu that reflects your style and fits seamlessly into your theme.

Our master chefs are artists in their own right and are highly sought after in the industry; we are always on our toes to keep them! Our waiting staff are well trained, courteous, friendly and elegant.

From our bar staff down to our drivers, we are all committed to the Super Event way. We are gracious, expert and friendly and we relish a challenge.

How Do We Take Care Of Every Detail For Every Wedding Catering Need?

Our goal at Super Event is to deliver an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests singing your praise. To do that, we take extreme care to plan every tiny detail; the little, inconspicuous things matter to us.

Everything we do is geared towards one goal: to make your day exactly as you dreamt it.

What Can We Make Your Menu Unique To You?

Having designed thousands of menus over the years, we’ve developed a priceless collection of menus  to grace any event in East Sussex.

Many couples who come to us are able to find something from our menu choices that matches their needs with few or no changes. We are happy to show you our menu collections to help you choose what suits you; we are equally happy to help you to tweak the menus to suit your own tastes.

We are also delighted to help you create a totally unique menu; in fact, we love it!

If you want something customised that will sync with your wedding style and theme, we are the people for the job. We delight in flexing our creative muscles to serve you what you want. We listen carefully to your needs and together we craft a menu that is authentically you.


What We Can Do To Make Your Menu Reflect You?

Over the years, we have come to realise that by listening carefully to our clients and immersing ourselves in understanding their wedding concept, theme and style, we are better able to discuss their needs. We are better able to tailor a solution that our clients find stunning and impressive.

Your needs are going to be unique. That’s why we listen to what you want. The goal is not to create something that is about us. The goal is to ensure that we stamp your style and character on the menu, service and offerings.

It’s your special day. You are the commander in chief and we aim to do exactly what you want.

Call us today. We can’t wait to play our part to ensure that your day is all you dreamed it to be.

Special Dietary Requirements?

All you need to do is inform us about any guests requiring a special diet and we will handle their needs. One of the reasons we take care while consulting with you is so we can thoroughly understand all you need for your special day.

You will never need to remind us of anything you discussed with us. On the day, all you need to do is sit back and relax and watch as we give you and your guests a royal treat.

In addition, we will also cater for your event planners and photographers when (let’s face it, it will only be a matter of time) they start salivating over the food on offer.

How Do We Cover Everything For Every Catering Need?

Super Event can easily take care of all the drinks you need and help you supply them. We can also help you take care of serving drinks if you supply them. If you want to run a free bar, all you need to do is provide the drinks and we will help serve them for a small fee to cover the cost of the staff.

If you prefer a cash bar, we can supply the drinks and serve them and your guests will pay for their drinks. You can be sure that what we offer will be of the highest possible standard and we will have something for all your guests.

Super Event is all about flexibility and catering for your occasion just the way you want it.


Step up Your Style

In addition to the menu and drinks, we have a variety of tables and wares from which we can find something that will fit seamlessly into your style.

From chairs, glassware, linen and crockery to wedding marquees, we will create a design that fits seamlessly with your style.

How We Will Be Apart Of Your Wedding Day?

We will liaise with key people in your event planning team to ensure we all run a smooth operation on the day.

We have worked with many organisers and event planners in East Sussex, and we have developed a good and friendly working relationship with them over the years. We are great team players and we will fit seamlessly into your team.

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