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What To Expect From Our Wedding Caterers in Crawley?

Super Event is your one stop shop for a luxury wedding catering service in Crawley and surrounding areas such as Three Bridges, Maidenbower, Broadfield and West Green. We have built a reputation as the finest wedding catering service in these area.

We are the catering service of choice for couples-to-be who want their special day to be straight out of a movie. This is because, for decades, we have helped hundreds of couples put together a sumptuous menu to delight their guests.

Our promise is simple: we will give you and your guests a dining experience to remember.

Why We Strive For Excellence In Every Weddings We Cater For?

We understand that a wedding should never be just good; it should be perfect.  The dishes need to be creative and pleasing to the eye and that is why, at Super Event, the style matters as much as the food.

Our service is glamorous and gracious, the meal is mouth watering and delicious and the courses are elaborately designed to thrill and fill.

The mouth-watering aromas will set you and your guests at ease as you settle down to enjoy a culinary treat.  Our service staff and chefs exude charm and warmth, but make no mistake, it is never about us; it is all about you.

That’s why we make sure every aspect of our service reflects your wants, needs and your personality.


Why Is Catering So Important To a Good Wedding?

If you have always wanted your special day to be a grand occasion, you have no choice but to make sure the catering is the best available.

If you’ve always wanted to celebrate your love the way you dreamed it, then you need something more than just another catering service.

The truth is that often times, poor catering service can ruin a glamorous occasion.

The food and the service may be okay. But on your special day, okay is not enough.

Creativity is essential. The food is not just to fill the stomach of your guests; it’s also an experience – an adventure as we like to call it.

It should wow your guest.

How Can Our Staff Transform Your Wedding In Crawley?

One of the reasons we’ve remained unbeatable is that we’ve assembled the best talent in Crawley and across Sussex. Our staff are passionate, friendly, and committed to serving you and your guests like royalty.

Our master chefs are artists. They create dishes that delight the taste buds and appeal to the senses. Our chefs are highly sought after and we are always on our toes to keep them. And once you have had a taste, you will understand why. Rest assured that our meals are healthy and delicious.

Our staff are friendly and courteous. They will treat you and your guests like royalties.

What Can We Do To Make Your Menu Reflect You?

Choosing the right menu and courses is an essential part of the wedding. It doesn’t just ensure that all you want is carefully incorporated in the menu; it also allows you to be creative and imaginative.

It allows your style and theme to show.

From designing hundreds of menus over the years, we’ve built a collection of menus that truly represent the ingenuity and spirit of Crawley and West Sussex

But that doesn’t mean we can’t build something not on print. On the contrary, we relish such opportunities and are happy to help you design something that fits your idea, style and theme.

We are ready to join our creativity with yours to create a menu that is a reflection of you.

Call us today and watch as we stamp your character and style into your wedding menu.


“It is not just a wedding we are planning for,
it is YOUR wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does to you..”


Indoor and Outdoor Service Experts

We understand the dynamics and intricacies involved in successfully managing outdoor and indoor services.

We know how to deliver bespoke services even when we don’t have the luxury of space.

We never get in the way. We know when we are needed and when we are not. We won’t interrupt with other important events of the day.

Yet, we will be right there when your guests need us.

How do we take care of Everything for your Wedding Catering in Crawley?

When you trust us with your catering service you can be assured that every aspect will be taken care of.

From food to everything needed to serve it, tables and linen, those who will serve them and others; we have it all covered.

We plan everything down to the last detail and ensure everything is in sync. We take all the stress off your shoulders.

Trust us with your wedding catering today and never worry about it again.

How Do We Cover Everything For Every Catering Need?

We can help you run a free or paid bar depending on your preference.  If you want to run a free bar, all you need to do is provide all the drinks and we will help you serve them, and your guests won’t need to pay. All we charge is a small fee to cover for the staff.

If you prefer a paid bar, we will supply all the drinks and serve them. You can be assured that our supply will be stocked with something for all your guests

We Can Handle Special Orders

Sometimes our clients have special guests that require something different. This might be due to medical reasons; others are just VIPs from other countries and cultures that they want to surprise with their local meals.

Irrespective of what the need is, we are able to handle it. All that is needed is for you to let us know and you never have to worry about it again.

Also, we will be happy to provide meals for the all service people that will help make your day truly special.

Frankly, it will only be a matter of time before they will be salivating for the delicacies available. And we will be delighted to indulge them.


How We Will Be Apart Of Your Wedding Day?

We have a long history of fitting seamlessly into wedding teams. We understand everybody has a role to play to make your wedding a fairy tale affair.

We will work effortlessly with Events Planners, Photographers, Best Man, Brides Maid etc., and ensure your day is perfect.

We have worked with many event planners in Crawley and across West Sussex and chances are we have worked with other service teams we will encounter on the day successfully in the past.

Enjoy An Experience Of a Lifetime

Super Event is committed to not just giving you excellent and unrivalled catering service, but also to give you and your guest an experience that will last for a lifetime.

As we join in celebrating the day he put a ring on it, allow us to help you put a ring on the tongues of all that will be privileged to witness it.

If you are visiting Crawley and want to get to know the area, here are some of our favorite places to go on a day out; Tilgate Nature CentreTilgate Park, Worth Park Gardens and Ifield Water Mill. Call us today; it’s time to begin this blissful adventure.