2015 - 2015 at Super Event

2015 at Super Event has been a truly magnificent year.
We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely bride and grooms, along with their families.
Being  involved with so may couples special day this past year, really has made us feel rather wonderful.

Getting to know you 

Firstly, Looking back on when we first met  some of you at our tasting sessions.
Super Event’s Grand Tasting Sessions showcase our marquee & catering services for weddings and events. A brilliant experience for all.
Here is a video from our spring event,

We also kept you inundated with all the food photos flying out of our kitchen doors on Instagram & twitter!
It’s been great having such positive support with what we have been producing.
Remember to find us here
Instagram : Super Event Weddings
Twitter: Super Event LD

The delicious Beef Wellings made by Tony Brewin earlier this month..

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.17.28



We have welcomed a new face onto the team to capture and update you with everything Super Event-y !
Georgie will be your point of contact on social media and most likely photographically on your big day.

We also couldn’t have done anything at all this year without our outstanding team.
From our kitchen staff, Chefs, warehouse team, Office girls, front of house, waiting staff to our brilliant suppliers.
Without you, we would not be as strong as we are today .
Our team work together hand and hand to make everything we are today.

front kitchen


2015 might be drawing to a close, but we are just about to open the doors to the New Year.
The anticipation of whats to come and the faces we will meet fuels us through the winter months to your wedding day.
We are currently caring for our marquees and equipment ( and ourselves!) in preparation for the summer.
Not forgetting our head Chef Rob and Tony have been having a little bit of a mild cooking competition in the kitchen. Did you not hear about this?
Well if you did miss this, why not have a little turkey reflection.. its never too soon to eat turkey again!
Don’t worry though, we will be back with more videos in the New Year.
Time to put your money on your favourite Chef though perhaps!

For now we all wish you the most happiest of New Years.

Super Event