BG - Shelley & Billy 11/6/16


Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Moran!

Saturday 11th June saw Super Event at Brewerstreet Farmhouse with Shelley & Billy.
A sweet pink wedding situated amongst Brewerstreets strolling gardens.

Although a drizzly start, the couple and friends were greeted with the afternoon sun for canapés and fizz.
Photographs were taken with the vibrant gardens of the house ( as you’ll see below).
The couple opted for a marquee in one of the lower gardens (accessed by a little bridge that goes over a mini stream, lovely! )
Once inside the marquee, you were greeted with pink bows and a very gorgeous cake!
The guests sat down to a buffet followed by a sit down dessert of triple delight.
Not forgetting the hog roast outside that had been preparing for its big reveal on the buffet.

After all that eating, Shelley took centre stage with her father for perhaps the most emotional first dance ever. Looking around everyone was in tears, so when it was Billy’s turn there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
ESPECIALLY when they invited their little girl to dance with mummy and daddy at the end. A big ol tear jerker for everyone, even me.

Below I’ve attached some of my favourite photos of the day.
As usual I have far too many favourites to show you all here.
So please head to our Facebook and enjoy them all.
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Below is the vide of the day;

B&G B&G-45 B&G-29 B&G-15 B&G-26 B&G-8