Plates - Different Plates for Different Foods

In this short video tutorial brought to you be Super Event Sussex Catering, managing director Tony Brewin explains the importance of using different plates for food.

This is one of the first videos in a series of dinner and lunch party tutorials.

‘I collect plates like girls collect shoes’

The problem that most people have is that they will only own one type of plate at home, which is usually a large white plate. It is almost impossible to make every meal look good on one plate.

Tony uses predominantly white plates. He suggests using a long narrow plate and creating a trio of soups on it. Tony avoids using plates with a lot of colour on them as using unnatural colours can distract from the food.

A plate with a deep focus centre looks great for salads and you may also use them for pasta dishes.

Tony rarely uses glass plates but has one he uses for puddings, this looks great with chocolate on it.