Dollarphotoclub 27287476 3 - Duck Confit

This is a short video brought to you by Rob Gerrish, head chef at Super Event Sussex Catering.

This Duck Confit is usually served with Dauphinoise potatoes, braised red cabbage and red wine sauce. It is a favourite dish for all Super Event Sussex customers.


  • Leg of duck
  • Thyme
  • Orange
  • Garlic
  • Duck fat
  • Olive oil
  • Seasoning



Begin by taking a knife and slicing the skin around the top of the duck leg. Make sure to cut down to the bone. This will prevent the skin from stretching and will make it neater when it cooks.

Once you have completed this step, season your duck leg generously on both sides with salt and place it in a tray.

Cut your orange into slices and place them under and on top of the duck. You should repeat this step with chopped garlic.

Place the fresh thyme under and on top of the duck.

You should now place your duck leg in the fridge and leave it overnight. Leaving the salt on the duck overnight will help to cure it.

Once your duck has been curing in the fridge overnight, you are now ready to wash the salt off.

Remove the orange, thyme and garlic from the tray but do not throw them away, you will use them again later.

Once you have successfully rinsed the salt off of your duck leg, add the orange, thyme and garlic back into a tray with the duck leg.

In this video, Rob has previously prepared a duck fat and olive oil mixture.

You should pour your duck fat and olive oil into the tray making sure to completely submerge the whole of the duck.

Place your duck Confit into the oven at 160 degrees and leave for two hours.

Once your duck has been cooking for two hours, remove it from the oil.

Leave your duck to cool.

Once your duck has been left to cool, you should check it over to make sure there are no feathers sticking out anywhere. It is now time to take a pair of pliers and remove any bones sticking out.

You are now ready to put your duck back in the oven for the final time along with the Dauphinois potatoes. They should take roughly the same time, about 20/25 minutes until both are golden and crispy.


Serving Tip:

Rob serves this Duck Confit with braised red cabbage, Dauphinoise potatoes and red wine sauce.