Bread and Butter pudding 1 - Bread and Butter Pudding with a Twist

This is a short video brought to you by Tony Brewin, managing director of Super Event Sussex.

Bread and Butter Pudding was originally made with stale bread but this recipe brought to you by Super Event Sussex Catering is made with a twist, Tony is using Brioche instead.

Brioche is sweet bread originating from France and is a favourite for Super Event Sussex customers.



  • Brioche (any shape or size, Tony is using brioche with chocolate chips)
  • Butter
  • Sultanas / Raisins

For the custard –

  • 1 and ½ pints of milk (you can use whole milk or semi skimmed)
  • 6 whole eggs
  • 3 ounces of sugar
  • Splash of vanilla extract / essence



Brioche comes in many different shapes and sizes, you can use brioche loaves that you can slice like toast or use individual brioche similar to what Tony has used.

Begin by slicing the brioche across no more than half an inch thick so you end up with nice little slices. Tony has used individual brioche loaves with chocolate chips.

You may use whatever dish you would like but it will need to be cooked in the oven.

Place the butter in the microwave for half a minute to insure it is soft enough to spread evenly across the brioche slices.

Place the first layer of buttered brioche into the dish, make sure to spread the brioche evenly throughout the dish but don’t worry about neatness as only the top layer of buttered brioche will be visible.

Once you have your first layer of buttered brioche spread evenly throughout the dish, you are ready to add a layer of fruit. For this recipe Tony has used sultanas but it is down to your own personal preference what you may choose to use.

Tony advices that using a generous amount of fruit makes all the difference to this recipe.

You are now ready to add your second layer of buttered brioche. Repeat this step twice, or however many times you feel appropriate depending on the shape and depth of your dish.

It is important to make sure the top layer of your bread and butter pudding with is a twist is buttered brioche instead of fruit. If you use fruit as your top layer it will dry up horribly in the oven.

Once you have successfully filled your dish with layers of brioche and sultanas, you are ready to begin stage two.

Stage Two – The Custard

In a bowl, mix 1 & ½ pints of milk, 6 eggs, three ounces of sugar and a splash of vanilla extract / essence. You may use whole or semi skimmed milk it really doesn’t matter for this recipe.

Thoroughly whisk this mixture together in a bowl.

Tony recommends that once you have whisked the mixture in the bowl, you should transfer it into a jug to make it easy to pour over your dish of brioche bread and butter pudding, making sure to fill the whole dish.

Place you dish in the oven for roughly 40 minutes.

Serving Tip

Glaze with marmalade / apricot jam and serve with double cream or a scoop of ice cream.