Picture for Gourmet Menu page underneath Main Meals sections SMALL - Planning For All Of Your Wedding Guests During Dining

When it comes to your wedding planning, there are always lots of things to think about. Your dress, suits, invitations & decorations but one thing that is truly important, is your guest list. On your wedding day, you are surrounded by the people you love and the people who care about you. It is vital that you not only suit their needs but they also cooperate to yours. Luckily for you, we are always here to help and make things easier.

When it comes to special diets we are ready! We are aware that guests may be allergic to a component of your meal or that you might have some gluten free diets. We don’t want you to panic. You don’t need to find a meal that absolutely everyone can eat. Our catering packages are designed so that you can choose whichever meal you like best without any hidden costs. This means, if you choose to have our popular confit of duck dish with dauphinoise potatoes but some guests reply saying they don’t eat duck or are lactose free for example, we can either amend the dish to suit them or offer them a completely different meal.

We want you to be able to choose your favourite dish from our menu but we also want all of your guests to enjoy the food. If you have any special diets then please advise us and we will outline your different options. To see our full menu please visit our ‘menu page’ underneath the ‘catering’ tab, or follow the link below:



Your wedding guests will leave at the end of the night feeling full and happy.