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How Do We Stand Out As Caterers In Haywards Heath?

Contact us today for a Catering Service that will make your event in Haywards Heath the most talked about party for a long time to come—and for all the right reasons.

Super Event offers the most comprehensive, creative, and customised catering service in Sussex. Whatever event you need catered in Haywards Heath, Super Event is the answer.

Our catering services allow you to bring your imagination to the catering side of the event; to use our expertise to deliver exactly the catering experience you desire.

We have a massive amount of experience and will take care of any event for you in Haywards Heath: wedding catering, corporate catering, luncheon receptions, networking meeting catering and private parties.

With Super Event at your event, you are working with a caterer in Haywards Heath who shares your excitement for and expectations of your event. Our exceptionally well trained staff will help you make your Haywards Heath event the resounding success that you deserve it to be, and all you have to do is enjoy the kudos that will follow your party.

At Super Event, we take a positive, proactive, consultative approach to catering for your event in Haywards Heath; we will exceed your expectations and make your event one of the most memorable moments of your life.


“The key to the success of your event and your guests’ happiness, is to provide them with food they will never forget”


With pinpoint attention to detail, incomparable creativity and top class skill, our staff set about easily transforming your special day into a lifetime of happy reminiscence.

We are more than a one stop shop for catering services; we are the only option for an excellent catering service that really cares about you. For us, it is a privilege to a part of your special day and we will pull out all the stops to make the event even more special. We always go through every detail with our customers so that we can bring your ideas to life at the event.

We are fully insured; no eventuality will prevent us from fulfilling our every promise to you.

Why Not Contact Us Today For The Best Wedding Catering Service In Haywards Heath?

Stay on cloud nine and float through your wedding day while we keep our heads down and make sure it is a resounding success and the toast of the town.

Super Event is committed to making your Haywards Heath wedding exactly how dreamed it would be; you do not have to make any concessions. We have the people, passion and skills to ensure that every little catering detail of your wedding celebration is seen to in a spectacular fashion.

With limitless prior consultations with you and meticulous attention to detail, we go about our business on your most important day in a quiet, unobtrusive, professional and effortless manner, making sure that no cue is missed and that everything goes to plan.

From the moment the first guest arrives until the last glass is emptied, you can be assured of exceptional care for you and for all your wedding guests.

Why Should You Use Caterers For Corporate Events In Haywards Heath?

Whatever the corporate event, be it a send-off party, a luncheon, an awards night, a corporate Christmas party, a corporate retreat or a simple staff lunch, Super Event is skilled and experienced enough to handle everything with professional ease. No event is too big for us to handle with professionalism and class.

Our corporate catering service provides heavenly food and drinks to suit your needs, down to the very last detail. Whatever the scale or theme of the event, we can deliver in style.

Treat your colleagues, employees and friends to our wonderful menus that will remember with relish for a very long time to come.




How Can We Help With Your Haywards Heath Lunch Or Brunch Event?

Sometimes, little is indeed more. At Super Event, we know the little things that really matter and that make a day special. Our Haywards Heath lunch catering services are specially designed to ensure that your smaller event is executed with extraordinary, professional service. With a theme tailored to fit your occasion, we ensure that every dish, every drink and every decoration will highlight just how special and unique your occasion is.

Whether it’s a lunch reception, a canapé reception, a champagne reception, a christening or a birthday lunch party, we will provide the food, the booze and the decor that will make it truly memorable for everyone present.

How Can We Help Private Events With Our Haywards Heath Catering Service?

We are masters in the art of singularity and tailoring bespoke catering services to suit any special theme. Your private event is taking place for a special reason and for a special set of people. You need it to be memorable and truly unique. In any private event, it is all about you.

Your private event is taking place for a special reason and for a special set of people. You need it to be memorable and truly unique. In any private event, it is all about you.

And we are so good at making your special celebration happen for you. We can provide the catering service to make your private birthday party the best you have ever had; make your Christmas party truly heart warming and down-to-earth; or make the funeral reception run smoothly for your peace of mind and with delightful food to provide a lift.

Whatever the occasion, we have the expertise, experience and empathy to make it your kind of success.

Our Haywards Heath Catering Service can turn you into a Master Chef

As a testament to how much we really care, we have set up cooking courses for people who have fallen in love with our exceptional dishes.

Our incredibly skilled chefs love nothing more than to share their rare catering knowledge with our clients. We can teach you how to reproduce the exquisite lunch we served at your birthday party, or just give you general lessons to improve your catering skills.

Contact us today for a catering service that ensures that you will always get something meaningful and long-lasting out of the experience.




Why We Stand Out From Other Catering In Haywards Heath?

Providing a comprehensive catering service to you here in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas such as CuckieldLindfield or Scaynes Hill, is our pleasure and our promise. We will serve you with distinction at any event you hold, no matter the scale, style or theme.

Budget Planning: Because we try to add value to your special event at every stage, we are willing to help you plan the budgeting of the event so that you are sure to get the best, bespoke catering service, no matter what budget you are working on. Our considerate and passionate staff will go through every detail with you to come up with plans for an event that will leave you feeling that you have planned the best event possible.

– Event Planning: Do you need help in planning your event? From smaller details like table arrangements to decor and your event schedule, we can assist you in planning your day exactly how you want it. Free yourself from the stress of thinking about what to do when or how to lay out your venue; go about enjoying your day while we take care of every detail to make your event a resounding success.

– Catering Services for Diverse Events: We provide unmatched catering services for wedding parties and receptions, corporate events, birthday parties, Christmas parties, dinner parties, funeral receptions and lots more. For us, it’s simply a question of using our exceptional catering skills and experience to make whatever event you’re planning truly special.

How Can We Help With Bespoke Catering Service In Haywards Heath?

Whether it’s a bigger event where a more general theme has to be used, or smaller, a private event, where every morsel, every glass and every decor is styled to your specific and unique taste, we will deliver. Our specially trained staff are very flexible, dynamic and knowledgeable, able to style the event exactly the way you want it.

We do not believe in offering a limited, fixed range of products for you to choose from at a fixed cost. We will play with and adjust every detail until you get exactly and only what you want for your event. You don’t have to worry about people with special dietary requirements or preferences either: tell us about it and we will have that covered. Also, we are always prepared for contingencies regarding diets, even if you did not let us know. It’s our way of ensuring that your event is only remembered for the right reasons.

How Do We Exceed Expectations?

Catering isn’t the right word if the food isn’t freshly prepared! Super Event Catering Service in Haywards Heath and all across West Sussex, guarantees that every meal on our menu is freshly prepared, often right on site, using quality ingredients to turn everyday meals into delicious feasts that will linger on your taste buds long afterwards. However, if you have your own preferred suppliers of ingredients, we are more than willing to work closely with all parties to ensure that you get the very best catering service on the big day.

For good measure, we also bring all of our own equipment, utensils and accessories, including linen, cutlery and crockery. Our menus are creative and innovative. We serve all kinds of dishes from traditional English dishes to Oriental dishes. Every morsel is a taste of uncommon creativity, exceptional skill and loving attention to detail. Our promise is that every plate will be served at the right temperature, in the right way, at the right time and to the right people.


How We Help With Every Service You Will Need?

Your Haywards Heath event will be serviced by our team of highly trained and experienced catering, waiting, serving and cleaning staff. We have every catering detail covered. Sit back and enjoy your event while we cook, serve, wait on, and clean up after your guests.

– No matter the scale: Whether it’s a small party of 10 or a large one of 500 guests, we have the personnel to take care of every detail. Every aspect of the catering will be handled by our own, experienced professionals. We do not outsource any aspect of our catering service. In that way, we can always guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

What Is Our Special Guarantee?

Our Haywards Heath special guarantee is simple: there will be first class catering service to everyone present throughout your celebration, no matter the size or budget of the event. Our philosophy and exceptionally high standards ensure that there is no premium on top quality service; first class service is the only kind of service we offer. So, you can rest assured that  – no matter the size or budget of your event – you will be served healthy, sumptuous meals, prepared with love and attention by professionals who will ensure that your event goes smoothly from beginning to end.

What Is Our History And Reputation?

Super Event in Haywards Heath is part of a larger catering business in Sussex with a reputation built on years of excellent service and unfailing delivery on every promise. With us, you are dealing with a business that has a track record of exceeding clients’ expectations, helping people build memories that they cherish for a lifetime.Check out our reviews page which includes video testimonials from real people whom we have served with distinction.

With Super Event In Haywards Heath, You Only Pay For What You Get

With our comprehensive and bespoke services, fixing our prices would be impractical. We want to make sure that nothing prevents you from having the event you dream of. Therefore, we have flexible prices that are based on your guest volume, menu selections and any extra service you may require of us. Our pricing is clear and detailed and you can always negotiate. There are no hidden charges and no extra costs sprung up on you after the event; you only pay what we have agreed on your contract, nothing more.

Contact us today and our attentive and professional staff will help you find just the right service that suits your needs. Feel free to ask any questions, knowing the details of what you’re getting is your right. Our staff are patient and passionate about serving you. With Super Event in Haywards Heath, you get a catering service that is second to none.