bbq and spitroast - Go Against the Grain with a Barbecue Dinner

If you enjoy outdoor dining and have decided to throw your special occasion outside in a garden, on a beach, or simply on your own back lawn, think about having a fun barbecue instead of a sit-down meal or typical buffet. Barbeques are reminiscent of summer nights with friends and family and can be a great alternative for a more casual event.

At Super Event, we’re known for our barbecue and have even won a third place prize in the World BBQ Championships in Tennessee. We grill our meat over charcoal and spiced wood chips to create delicious meals that are sure to please all. We also offer spit roasts where we’ll roast a whole pig for you and your guests.

When you decide to have a barbecue you’ll be creating a more unique event than others that feature a buffet of food or a three-course formal gourmet dinner. Your guests will be able to enjoy delicious food as well as all of the aromas that come with a traditional barbecue.

Enjoy Food from the Grill

When you put food on a grill it tends to allow all of a food’s natural flavours to come out in ways where other cooking methods fail. Grilling food is also a healthier option since it leaves less fat on the meats and allows vegetables to retain more of their natural vitamins and minerals. Foods retain their moisture due to the high temperatures of the grill and everything ends up tender instead of chewy. This means you won’t have to necessarily add butter or oil.

Your guests can enjoy typical barbecued dishes that your barbecue caterer can produce. For example, Super Event’s head chef creates a number of barbeque dishes for all special occasions. His favourite dish is an aromatic summer chicken that consists of chicken thighs marinated with lime, garlic, chilli, coriander, and ginger. The meat is grilled over charcoal and served with a light crème fraiche and chive dressing. You and your guests can enjoy grilled dishes like this and similar ones when you throw a fun outdoor barbecue.

Consider a Fun Spit Roast

You can also choose to have a traditional spit roast. Hog roasts are a great way to celebrate your summer event. The Super Event chefs use their culinary skills to create a succulent pig and delicious pairings to please you and your guests. This outside of the box meal plan can make your event that much more memorable.

Spit roasts are all done in similar fashion to result in a delicious meal. At Super Event we salt and oil the whole pig and season it with a secret spice recipe before setting it on a spit and roasting it for up to 10 hours over charcoal and apple wood chips. The meat is basted constantly so that the flavour penetrates all layers. The meat is then served with an apple and mint sauce along with apricot, sage, and onion stuffing and topped with a roasted mustard gravy.

Not only will a hog roast guarantee that you and your guests will leave your event completely satisfied but you will have great memories thanks to the fun and unique memories it will create.

Don’t Forget the Side Dishes

Whether you choose traditional grill barbecue or go for the unique hog roast, you can’t overlook the side dishes that can accompany your main dishes. Potato and pasta dishes, summer salads, coleslaw options, and fresh breads can complete your meal perfectly.
Super Event’s head chef creates mouth-watering sides that compliment his barbecued main dishes but his favourite side dish is the marinated halloumi cheese kebabs. This is comprised of halloumi cheese that is marinated in thyme, oregano, rosemary, and mint. It is then tossed in garlic infused olive oil and skewered with baby courgettes, red onion slices, bay leaves, and sweet potatoes.

These non-traditional outdoor options can take your special occasion from great to unforgettable while still satisfying you and your guests.