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Big enough to cope, small enough to care

Are you thinking about organising a big blow-out event? Concerned about the Eastbourne catering options available to you on a tight budget? Looking for a company that has years’ of experience and knows how to put on a delicious spread for any event?

Then Super Event is the place for you!

What Is The Super Events Philosophy?

Here, at Super Event, unlike some other events organisers working today, we believe in pulling out all the stops. This applies to both our individual customers and our own, in-house staff: the key to being successful, flexible and able to cater for thousands of Eastbourne and East Sussex customers is in being ready for any and all circumstances.

No matter what type of event or celebration you’re organising, no matter what your food preferences, requirements or tastes are and no matter how many guests you’re aiming to cater for – we have you covered. This is the result of hiring a professional, dedicated and passionate catering team (skilled and experienced in a huge number of different food styles) to cater for your party.

At Super Event, we also openly recognise that customers looking for a top of the range Eastbourne catering company will be expecting something a little more than simply good food. With this in mind, we’re more than happy to sit down with you and discuss any menu preferences of your own, creating a bespoke meal for your event.


“The key to the success of your event and your guests’ happiness, is to provide them with food they will never forget”


What Type Of Events We Cater For In Eastbourne?

We strive to accommodate all manner of customers and events; we’re confident in saying no celebration or party that you can think of will be outside our catering grasp, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with your unusual event ideas!

But even with that being said, it’s useful to let customers know the type of common Eastbourne events we cater for, on a regular basis:

How Can We Help With Wedding Celebrations?

It should come as no real surprise that our most popular sector tends to be catering for Eastbourne and East Sussex wedding celebrations and receptions. When you hire us for the most important day of your life, you’re guaranteed to have catering that meets the challenge.Again, we offer our bespoke menu creation service to all couples-to-be so that your wedding day isn’t just another traditional affair; from start to finish, the entire wedding meal and smaller catering sections of the day can be unequivocally you.

How Can We Help With Private Parties?

Runner up in the Eastbourne catering competition are our private functions and parties. As a longstanding events company, we have years of experience with catering for private events, with a large network of return customers.Our private function catering applies across a wide spectrum of events: whether that’s a simple birthday celebration, perhaps an anniversary or graduation event or even something a little less common such as a wake or afternoon luncheons/tea receptions. Size and scale are no hurdles for the Super Events catering team!

How Can We Help With Corporate Events?

An increasingly popular type of event for our Eastbourne catering staff is corporate lunches, dinners and events. Nothing can make or break a successful business lunch or staff celebration like the catering (what’s a Christmas party without the dinner?) – which is why we go to great lengths to give the best catering options to Eastbourne businesses far and wide.

Cooking Lessons Throughout Eastbourne

Something a little different (perfect as a Christmas gift for the budding chef in the family, or even for employee getaways/team-building days): cooking lessons.The Super Event staff lives for the chance to spread some of their knowledge and expertise with our customer base!

The Super Event staff lives for the chance to spread some of their knowledge and expertise with our customer base!


What Other Services Do We Offer In Eastbourne?

Deciding on the type of event that you want us to cater for is only half the battle, however – with Super Event Eastbourne, your catering comes with additional service on the day itself.

  • We bring all of our own kitchen equipment and hardware, as well as all of the necessary cutlery, crockery, linen and (if needed) furniture – meaning we can cook for you at any location you desire.
  • You will be treated to the fine cooking of a fully-trained, passionate and dedicated kitchen staff, with a deep love of great food and the desire to see your night go off without a hitch!
  • The Super Event staff will decorate and organise the venue long before your guests begin to arrive, freeing you up from one of the most stressful aspects of the big day!
  • Additionally, all of our Eastbourne catering deals and offers comes with a fully trained waiting staff who wills serve drinks upon arrival (to you and your guests) and see to your guest’s orders throughout the day.
  • You will have your choice of either a full drinks package, or a cash bar run by the waiting staff.
  • Full clean-up operations will be undertaken by our employees once the festivities have ended; neither you nor the venue will know a party ever happened!


How We Help Make Your Night, Your Choice?

One of the greatest benefits of looking to Super Event Eastbourne for your catering is affordability. We pride ourselves on quoting and pricing our services in a fair and respectable manner – no hidden fees or additional costs, nor any strange pricing schemes. Your figure will be calculated purely upon guest head count and the number of courses you decide to serve (which means a blanket cost across all food types and flavours – so you’re free to be adventurous!).

Additionally, our company flexibility applies to our drinks selections. It’s entirely up to you, whether you’d prefer to opt for one of our drinks packages which boasts fine wines and beers, as well as a diverse selection of spirits – sure to meet the tastes of even the most picky guest list.

That being said, as we mentioned earlier; if you’d prefer to opt for something a little simpler then our fully qualified serving staff can set up a cash bar for you and your guests, or even use the venue’s own bar throughout the evening – whatever your decision is, we can make it happen!

When you choose Super Event for your Eastbourne catering, you’re deciding on high quality, low cost and a night to remember – so what’s stopping you? Get in touch today for an incredible dining experience!

Why Pick Eastbourne for your Event?

Eastbourne is a large costial town in East Sussex. Eastbourne is known for its sea sides resorts to its scenic surroundings such as beachy head. A great way to explore East Grinstead is from this online guide of day trips (Click here). Our favorite places to go on a day out in Eastbourne ; Towner Gallery, East Bourne Pier and Seven Sisters these show how cultured Eastbourne is and why you should consider it for your Events or your Wedding. We also cover neighboring towns from Eastbourne; Westham, Lullington, Polegate and other locations in Sussex.